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About LTG Auditorium

LTG Auditorium: The Little Theatre with a Big Heart

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When we hear a name such as Little Theatre Group, we don’t expect much from the institution. The thought that comes to mind is that of a local that produces a few plays once in a while. However, anyone who thinks along those lines would be woefully wrong. The Little Theatre Group Auditorium is one the oldest and most well-known auditoriums in the city of New Delhi. This sturdy auditorium has been churning out a steady stream of performances for over sixty years. From performances by theatre stalwarts to industrious beginners, the Little Theatre Group Auditorium has opened its doors to all those who wish to showcase their talent. Located at Copernicus Marg, near Connaught Place, the auditorium is one of the easiest places to recognise. With shows taking place all the time, visitors are likely to be able to catch a performance no matter when they choose to arrive.

Auditorium Details   

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The Little Theatre Group Auditorium has a respectable seating capacity of 327. Its stage has a size of 32x24 square feet. As such it is a viable options for all sorts of functions, ceremonies and events. Little Theatre Group Auditorium has previously been used for official ceremonies such as school functions, award ceremonies, etc. Although there are no provisions for refreshments inside the auditorium, snacks of various sorts can be readily found in the many stalls that stand right outside. Visitors can also take a quick trip to Connaught Place if they feel like having a slightly heavier meal.


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The Little Theatre Group Auditorium has become a favourite of intellectuals, playwrights, actors, artists, and all those who enjoy a good performance. The homely nature and cosy setting of the auditorium makes performers and spectators feel welcome and at ease. The Auditorium has seen many intellectuals from across the country perform their plays, both educating and entertaining the audience. Perhaps the most striking example of its popularity are its bookings and events. Plays take place almost every day and bookings have to be done well in advance if one is get the desired dates.


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The calendar of the Little Theatre Group Auditorium is chalk full of events. In the month of October, the Auditorium is prepared to stage several plays, some of which include Chitralekha and Nar-Naari.

The Little Theatre Group Auditorium is a magical place for a theatre lover. Although small, the auditorium has a rich history of promoting the artistic endeavours and continues to be one of the iconic institutions for the performing arts in New Delhi. 

Phone Number

011 2338 9713


1, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, Opp. Doordarshan Bhavan, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
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