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About Kitty Su

Fun and Excitement awaits at Kitty Su

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Kitty Su is a night club that is located in the city of Delhi, this is the simplest definition cum introduction of this place. Of course, there is much more to the place than that. Kitty Su is the go to destination for the youth of the nation, as well as those who love electronic music. House, techno, dubstep, commercial, etc. are all played at the venue, much to the delight of its patrons. Kitty Su was started by Jyotsna Suri and her husband Mr.Keshav Suri. Lots of music, lots of drinks, lots of laugh and lots of party is the slogan they adhere to, without shouting! The ambiance and the set-up here is what the clubbing lovers about this place apart from the dynamic DJs that take centre stage as soon the sun goes down. Foods and drinks are also served here of wide variety. And the crowd is awesome as always. So is the dance floor.

The food at Kitty Su is primarily finger food and Italian cuisine. As a night club that is geared towards providing you with great music and a wonderful place to dance throughout the night, they have kept the menu on the light side. You wouldn’t want to eat a few things and end up feeling bloated, now would you? To start off with, Kitty Su has an intriguing concept known as an All-Night Breakfast. As is well-known, you usually have breakfast in the morning, not at night. So this is a bit of a unique inclusion. This section of the menu has some interestingly named items such as The 3 AM Burrito Burrito, Eggtastically Wrapped, Crouque Sahib and Crouque Mem Sahib. Apart from these, there are some remarkable appetizers, like Chic on a Stick, Balls of Lamb, Chit Chat Chaat and Smokin’ Hot Wedges. For the main course, there are some remarkable pizzas, like The Lalit Signature Pizza, Divola Diva Pizza and Beluga Pizza. You can also try out a few pastas like Penne Pasta and Truffle Spaghetti. 


Image Credit: Kitty Su
The drinks are, of course, quite essential at any happening night club. Good drinks are the catalysts that turn a decent party, into a rocking one. And the drinks at Kitty Su are excellent. Baron Albert champagne, Glenlivet single malt whiskey, Johnny Walker Blue Label Scotch and so much more are just any order away.

Image Credit: Kitty Su
Like any top tier party establishment, Kitty Su is just overflowing with events of all kinds. Apart from their in-house DJ, they invite musical talent from all across the country to come and entertain their patrons. Their Facebook page is constantly buzzing with announcements of new and exciting fixtures.
Kitty Su is an example of what an ideal club should be. Casual, relaxed and filled to the brim with all kinds of fun and exciting adventures.

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The fact that the club is located In The Lalit makes it a bit costly compared to other clubs. Food quality is one are of development here. Apart from that the dance floor, the performances and the ambiance will surely get you you go crazy.

Boutique: To make you and your looks more fashionable, Kitty Su has a great collection of the bold and the beautiful inside the premises. There are different sections for men and women. Aprt from that, Kitty Su has its own merchandise collection.   

Gigs: The place is a home to stomach pains! And you get that pain here only after you have laughed a lot! Gigs are hosted on a regular basis here to make sure you have a great dose of laughter. 

Costs You around 5000 for two person, includes drinks and great food.

Try This Out: The dance floor is one place to be after you have emptied the bottles. 

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Kitty Su is located in C.P, Connaught Place. So what else is required to write now, in this section.!

The place is well connected through metro and bus service.

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Kitty Su Barakhamba Lane,Connaught Place New Delhi, Delhi 110001 India
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