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About Kamani Auditorium

The 600 odd seater auditorium is a proud host to some of the most popular international events. The venue hosts theatrical plays and is one of the best events to promote art & theatre events in the city. With all facilities that would help the performing artists and the team, this prestigious hall is a part of the Bharatiya Kala Kendra Trust in Delhi. With an ample spacious performance stage, it is also the finest in the city. 

The acoustics in the auditorium do not disappoint the audiences while the lighting in the venue perfectly compliment to this. Catering to the theatrical performances, the lighting have been arranged in a way that they help with scene changes during the plays. 

Quality sound equipment for output and a 32 channel sound mixer makes this every sound lovers delight, be it an artist or the audience. They also assist customer queries and have cctv facilities for security purposes.

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Kamani Auditorium 1 Copernicus Marg New Delhi, Delhi 110001
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