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About Independence Day

August spells tricolour! The Indian Independence Day marks the birth of a Nation free from the rule of its colonial masters. The tricolour was first hoisted on the midnight of August 15, 1947 by the freedom fighters and the leaders of free India to celebrate the beginning of a new era. Freedom is a moment of pride and glory; it’s a victory of several brave men & women who fought tirelessly to set their motherland free from the clutches of imposers. 

Independence Day is a day to remember, salute and pay tribute to the brave freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for a free India. This National festival unifies people and is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. As a mark of respect all educational institutions, private & public offices and other establishments remain closed on Independence Day. Gatherings are organized by institutions and local communities to stage Cultural programmes, flag hoisting, sing patriotic songs and paying homage the heroes who selflessly fought for the country. 

On the eve of Independence Day, the President of India delivers the "Address to the Nation". On 15 August, the prime minister hoists the Indian flag on the ramparts of the historical site Red Fort in Delhi. The Indian national anthem, "Jana Gana Mana", is sung in respect.  Twenty-one gun shots are fired in honour of the solemn occasion. In his speech, the prime minister highlights the past year's achievements, raises important issues and calls for further development. He pays tribute to the leaders of the Indian independence movement.. The speech is followed by march past of divisions of the Indian Armed Forces and paramilitary forces. Parades and pageants showcase scenes from the independence struggle and India's diverse cultural traditions. Similar events take place in state capitals where the Chief Ministers of individual states unfurl the national flag, followed by parades and pageants. The India Gate is illuminated beautifully to mark the occasion. 

On Independence Day, the parade at Red Fort, patriotic songs in regional languages on radio channels and Patriotic films on television are broadcast. Over the years the Independence Day Celebrations is marked by a flurry of new generation activities that help the society and uplift the community : Like Blood Donation Camps, Charity Drives, Flea Markets highlighting Swadesi products, Cultural events for fundraising and also exploring our glorious Motherland as a unified group. 

India is a land of diverse cultures, languages, arts and beliefs. To quote Shri Sashi Tharoor:

“... to me India is a thali – a selection of sumptuous dishes in different bowls. Each tastes different, and does not necessarily mix with the next, but they belong together on the same plate, and they complement each other in making the meal a satisfying repast.”

Its a day to come together, stay united and pay our respects. Singing the National Anthem when the flag is hoisted is a moment that turns every Indian’s eyes misty and upholds the respect for our Motherland. Salute!

Picture Courtesy: Indian Defence Analysis

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