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About Hauz Khas Social

Make Working Fun at Hauz Khas’ Social

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Remember when being “social” meant that you actually MET people? Come rediscover the joy of being Social. Offline. What if your workspace looked more like a super cool café rather than a cubicle? What if your boardroom had a bar attached? Social blends the best of the office and the café. Social is the land of the free (lancer) and home of creative souls looking for an exhilarating alternative to a typical work day. In Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, Social is a path-breaking urban hangout that’s designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected; a place where networking can happen even if the net’s not working (don’t worry, the net’s always working). Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists, designers, and innovators. It’s where entrepreneurs meet photographers, writers meet web developers, and creative independents meet to bounce ideas off like-minded peers. Join the conversation now at www.socialoffline.in


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Hauz Khas’ Social has an interesting concept called the preview menu. If you are confused as to what to order, or what sort of food is served at the establishment, this menu will help you decide. In it, there are several select dishes that have become a staple at Social. You can choose from a selection of excellent momos which includes Butter Garlic Chilli Momos, Tandoori Momois and the classic Steamed Momos. You can also select one of two platters, the Pakoda Chaat Platter and the Purani Dilli Chaat Walk, and share it with your friends. Pizzas are also available on this menu and include dishes like Shitake and Button Mushroom Pizza, Tandoori Ratatouille, Sausage Masala Pizza and Mirchi Boti Pizza. If, however, you are well versed in the dishes served at Social you can move straight to the main menu and feast on its delicacies. The famous All-Day Breakfast, with tantalising items such as Pancake Saddlebags, Disco Fried Egg and Poori Aloo Nashta, are the first things that greet you on the menu. Coming next, of course, are a staggering variety of Continental, Asian, American, and North Indian dishes such as the Nam Noodle Bowl, the Goan Prawn Curry, the Beer n Cheese Lamb Burger and the South Hall Fish and Chips, that will leave you speechless and you hunger completely satisfied.


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Social has a very active and well stocked bar that boasts of having the best brands on the market. Currently, Hauz Khas’ Social is also running a Beer on Tap event where you can have the famous Hoegaarden at Rs. 250 a glass and Rs. 700 a pitcher. Cocktails are also readily available at the bar.


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Social hosts different kinds of event throughout the year in order to bring people together. Upcoming events at the venue include DJ nights, film screenings, open MICs, and lots more.

Hauz Khas’s Social show a new way to work and spend time with others. The emphasis on interpersonal contact allows you to interact better with people and to create new contacts. And who knows, through others, you might get to know a bit more about yourself.

Phone Number

+91 7838652814


9A & 12, Hauz Khas Village Deer Park, Hauz Khas New Delhi, Delhi 110016
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