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About Gurinder Singh

This confused young man stumbled into Delhi’s live comedy scene when he was wondering about life. Soon enough, he was found performing at open mics sessions all over the region. Since then he has held on to the mike with perseverance and determination. Gurinder Singh is an upcoming stand-up comedian who writes his own jokes. He is truly an artist and with his impeccable delivery, he leaves his audience in splits.

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Things he talks about varies from overheard conversations to short stories. We know him as an eavesdropping ninja thanks to the number of stories he has about conversations he wasn’t a part of! Gurinder Singh finds humour in anecdotes. His narrations are about meaningless things that ironically add great value to our lives. With a strong online presence, his fan base is enlarging by the day. Are you ready to have your funny bones tickled by this funny man and his ridiculous sense of humour? Catch a live performance of his show in your city. 

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