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About Gulmohar Hall India Habitat Centre

Delhi’s Indian Habitat Centre is a Place Like No Other

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As the capital of India, business and office buildings can be found dotting the landscape of Delhi. State government, central government, multinational corporations, domestics businesses, all of these and many other concerns find it profitable to have an office or outlet in the capital of the country. Architecture-wise, most of these buildings look the same. The have a stern and serious façade. In this sea of buildings void of any and all emotion, the Indian Habitat Centre is like a ray of bright sunlight cutting through a dull fog. Built to be a place of problem-solving and cooperation between government and non-profit organisations in the area of habitat, housing and other related concerns, Indian Habitat Centre has become a unique architectural construction that brings together work, leisure, art and, of course, architecture. It is also one of Delhi’s best known tourist locations thanks to its open spaces and food and shopping outlets that are open to the public.

Brief History

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In the year 1993, the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO) decided to create an office space for its employees, but also the made the ground-breaking decision to invite select non-profit organisations to share this space with them, and help them solve problems related to housing, urban spaces, and the habitat in general. Joseph Allen Stein, who was the chairman of HUDCO, also became the architect of the Indian Habitat Centre. Stein decided to create a space that was unlike any workspace in the country. He ended up creating a space that became an urban design project, which included restaurants, visual arts galleries, libraries, hotels and so much more.


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Indian Habitat Centre has some spectacular facilities on offer to its members, as well as visitors and guests. There are a number of auditoria, conference rooms and banquet halls that can be used by the guests as per their requirements. The Joseph Stein Auditorium, the Silver Oak and the Gulmohar are some fine examples of conference and banquet spaces that are on offer at the Indian Habitat Centre. There are also guest rooms and suites for those who are visiting the city from outside. Rooms can only be booked by members, but they can book it on behalf of their guests. Each and every guest room at the Indian Habitat Centre is designed so as to please any and every guest that comes to visit. A swimming pool, gym and fitness centre are also available to members and residential guests. Indian Habitat Centre also has a slew of restaurants, although many of them are for members only. Delhi O’ Delhi, Oriental Octopus, Past Times and The Deck are the top notch restaurants that are reserved for the members, while the equally brilliant Eatopia and The All American Diner are open to everyone.


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The Indian Habitat Centre is a place for various sorts of events, conferences and exhibitions. It has twice been the venue of the Delhi Photo Festival, it co-hosted the first Habitat Summit and it is still the place of choice for many individuals and organisations, when it comes to putting up any form of events. You can visit their website for full details on upcoming fixtures.

The dedication that the Indian Habitat Centre shows towards innovation, creativity, the arts and problem-solving are nothing short of inspiring. There are very few locations in the country that provide so many facilities, and enable some many people to come together and share ideas for a better tomorrow.

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Lodhi Road, Near Airforce Bal Bharati School, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
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