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About DJ Classes & Workshops

Dj’s are artists who mix recorded music, with an aim to produce and record live mix of various music. Disc Jockey as a profession was not popularised until recently. 

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But with the drastically growing community of talented DJ’s around the world, this has become one of the most sought after form of art. Artists inclined to music have taken up DJ’ing as a hobby or a passion. While most artists also take up being a DJ as a career, they have become an essential part of parties in pubs, clubs and major music arenas, bringing together some of the best party music to get the crowd going. 

With an intention to keep the quality of DJ music right on top of all the music charts, various professional DJ’s get together to help produce some of the best DJ’s in the industry. This gave way to establishing some of the best DJ schools in all the major cities around the world. While the industry is growing, becoming a massive hit on every dance floor, the world has also seen some world-class music from these DJ’s.

Origin of Disc Jokey as a Profession

Music on Broadcast Radio that was played back to back on consecutive tracks as early as 1906, gave a hint into the world of practising Disc Jockey. This kind of music however took a while to surface and attract a lot of listeners. The first ever Radio Disc Jockey started out with practising Disc Jockey along 1927. The kind of music he was presenting gave quite popular styles of music a new twist.

The term ‘Disc Jockey’ was coined by Walter Winchell, a radio gossip commentator. But the term also became a commonly used term only after 1941. The first DJ party had everything about the pre-recorded dance music that got the crowd alive with some of the best dance music in 1943. In 1947 the first Discotheque, the Whiskey Go-Go was opened in Paris. 

The 1960’s showed DJ mixing consoles, specifically designed for DJ’s during their performances. SL 1200-Turntable became one of the most popular consoles in 1974. The console helped the DJ’s to add more effects to the mix of music. With this DJ’s were able to add in the beat juggling, scratching and more effects to the mixes that they produce live. 

1998 saw a digital revolution with the release of the Eiger Labs MPMan F1. This rise in tech favour for the DJ’s also lead to the CPS DJ Summit a DJ convention and a learning programme that would help the DJ’s use computers to learn more about being a DJ. The years after 2001 showed a massive change for the community of DJ’s when a lot of arists stepped up to learn and practice professional DJ techniques using some of the most popular consoles and presenting their music to many. 

DJ music was in no time becoming a great trending music gaining a global audience and becoming more popular in all the major cities. Parties practically came alive and more attention was given to the music by the Dj’s at the parties.

Why DJ Classes & Workshops

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Just like any other art that is inclined to music, DJ’ing is based solely on practice and the level of passion an artist shows to learn the art.

DJ classes train the artist in systematic basics. While still the artists will be able to explore different styles according to their taste in music, it is important that the basics are set as strong bases for the artist to build on. 

The artist is encouraged to try new styles and combination in music while also being able to set their own style of presenting what they produce. 

The quality of music produced are set on great standards while training with good DJ academies, training under professional and popular DJ’s. 

This in turn helps the academy to produce quality DJ’s in the community of DJ’s that has been growing drastically.

Aspiring DJ’s get a great exposure training with well known DJ academies that let the DJ’s experiment with their music live on various platforms.

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