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About Anshu Mor

These days a lot of frustrated engineers in India leave their full time jobs to get into stand-up comedy. It has become so common that mentioning it is cliché. Not in the case of stand-up comedian Anshu Mor. Yes he left his corporate life to pursue his passion in humour but he is not like every other white collared IT executive. With a master in International Business and Marketing from Delhi School of Economics he was heading Xbox! Yes you heard that right. After 18 years of a massively successful career he gave it all up for his dream.

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When Anshu Mor quit Microsoft in January 2016 and started his journey in the comedy world, people around him attributed the decision to mid-life crisis. It took a whole lot of guts and patience from jumping from such an esteemed position to starting from scratch. Suddenly he was just somebody at some comedians gig. The journey was challenging yet rewarding. He credits his family for their unwavering support. Just like his steep career graph, within a short time span he has jumped ranks from five-minute-slots to solo acts.

Today, Stand up Comedian, Storyteller, Digital Content Creator, Brand Consultant and Founder of Talking Mime Pvt Ltd Anshu Mor has achieved a lot in a short span of time. With over 100 shows in one year, across some of the best comedy clubs and for some of the biggest names in corporate, Anshu Mor is fast building a reputation of being one of the rising stars in the Indian Stand-up Comedy scene He started a new career in comedy at the age of 40 and used age to his advantage. Maturity comes with age and he managed the transition with grace. His style of humour is totally urban; he brings a clean and hilarious flavour to storytelling and observational comedy. He says he couldn’t be happier with all that has happened.

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