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About Alliance Francaise De Delhi

Alliance Francaise De Delhi is a cultural institute which was built to strengthen the relation between India and France. Today, it specializes in French language teaching and organizing cultural events. It boasts of a humongous auditorium and a gallery for workshop and exhibitions. 

The auditorium is named as ML Bhartia Auditorium. The seating capacity of the auditorium is for 112 people. Many special events have been staged in the ML Bhartia Auditorium since its inception. From corporate events like seminars and conferences to cultural events like film screening, theatre and concerts have been organised in this auditorium. The auditorium is ideally designed for events which needs strong audio-visual settings, light and projectors. Thus making the auditorium suited for musical concerts. The ambience inside the auditorium is comfortable and cozy, with the embellished ergonomically designed seating arrangement and ash wood finish on the chairs. The auditorium felicitates the artists with 2 green rooms, and a washroom. 
The namesake of the gallery is a French novelist and Nobel laureate Romain Roland. Many big artists have exhibited their work here at the gallery. Numerous workshops have taken place in the gallery since its inception. The Gallery is designed to maintain the viewers sense of attachment to the paintings. The space is enclosed in glass, and there is a way through the middle for viewers. 

While primarily, the gallery and the auditorium is exclusively for the manifestation of French culture in India, they are also  open for private organizer to arrange events. Subject to the availability and the type of event, the space might be made open for external organizer, and the discretion of the authority would be final in this case. 

For Auditorium Booking: -
Mr. Gaurav Arya
• Phone: 011 43 500 217
• Email:
For Gallery Booking: -
Ms. Mitushi Khurana
• Phone: 011 43 500 222
• Email:

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