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About Abhishek Upmanyu

Abhishek Upmanyu began as an evolving stand-up comedian and in no time was considered as a rising star in the world of comedy. This talented YouTuber began his career in the comedy circuit by performing at various private events. He hails from the capital city of Delhi. Today he has risen to become one of the finest comedians the country has ever seen. Abhishek Upmanyu stepped into the scene in the year 2013. With his unparalleled observation skills and amazingly light delivery style, it did not take long for him to have a dedicated fan following. This self-proclaimed Haiku enthusiast has a Facebook following that comes to lakhs and his page is cluttered with requests for more videos of his shows and performances. A hardcore cat lover added to his charmingly shy demeanour is bait to his vast female following. Abhishek cleverly utilizes his social media accounts to stay connected with his fan base. Besides YouTube, he is enormously popular on Twitter under the handle called Gareebguy. The dark humour and sarcastic comments he unleashes to opine on the current state of affairs is both interesting and amusing, to say the least. He possesses a unique talent for finding colour and excitement in the mundanities of everyday life. He took the internet by storm with two simple videos on his YouTube channel. “Breakups, respecting elders and discrimination” and “Indian insults and comebacks”. Both of his videos went viral and in a few days, people began drawing comparisons with well-established comedians like Kenny Sebastian who has already performed hundreds of shows. What was Abhishek Upmanyus inspiration? He says that he was inspired to enter the industry by the unending comedy videos he watched on YouTube. A Chemical engineer by profession, he also says that he decided to do comedy “because it does not feel like work.” At his live performances, he talks about everyday topics inciting hilarious effects on his audience. Creator of the show Thoda Saaf Bol, he is both quick witted and fast with his words. He scripts some crazy material and skips from one topic to another with ease leaving his fans spellbound. Attend his performance for a powerful dose of fun and laughter and some distressing with insane humour. Don’t be surprised if you happen to walk out after attending his show with new name topping your list of favourite Indian comedians.


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