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About The Beer Cafe

Beer Café is the Only Place Where You Should Go to Grab a Drink

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When it comes to having a beer, you'll never run out of excuses. At least, not at The Beer Café. Here, the most important four-letter word is neither love, nor life. Its beer, usually enjoyed most by those who love life. The light, cheery setting of The Beer Café will be the first thing you’ll notice. This is the neighbourhood place for those who love their beer, and more than that, love great conversations over beer. The Beer Cafe has successfully managed to bring a massive change in beer consumption and conversation. As an ideal setting for a business meeting or as a cool hangout spot for a light evening with friends, The Beer Café, is a hot favourite with the city’s youth who are seeking to have a good time! The Beer Cafe is an incredible meeting place where all the needs of the young adult consumers to find a friendly neighbourhood place are met. The Beer Cafe allows them to meet friends over a pint and enjoy some good cheer! A wonderful variety of its kind, The Beer Cafe blends beer, cheer and fun together. So, next time Beer More at The Beer Café.

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Let’s start the ride with some yummy appetizers. These also work great with the drinks that you order. French Fries, Chicken Nachos, Flaky Chicken Strips and Cruncy Dahi Roll are some delicious and innovative dishes that you should definitely try. For the main course, we has some really nice delicacies that come straight from Italy. Pepperoni Pizza, Garden Fresh Pizza, Pasta Arrabiata and Mushroom Alfredo are some really nice choices. Next comes some delicious Indian dishes such as Chicken Biryani, Dal Makhni and Paneer Makhni.

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The drinks at Beer Café are many and all of them are spectacular. The bar stocks some of the best labels from across the globe, as well as renowned labels from India. Cocktails are yet another thing to look forward to as they are really well made.

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Beer Café has consistently made it a point to bring some of the best talents to the stage to serenade the crowd. They frequently update their Facebook page with news of any future event that they might be planning.
Beer Café is definitely a place for the youth, but is also a remarkable place for anyone who wishes to have a good time, with a nice drink.

Phone Number

011 2628 3136


S 4/5, TDI Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019
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