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About Hard Rock Cafe Delhi

Party the Night Away at New Delhi’s Hard Rock Café

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Whether music is your passion or not, you’ve most probably heard of the Hard Rock Café. The name has become synonymous with good music and a good time. And New Delhi’s Hard Rock Café, located at DLF Place Saket, maintains its expected level of excellence. Live music, of the highest quality, serenades you as you enjoy amazing food and drinks. Some of the best performers, musical and otherwise, have taken over the stage at Hard Rock Café, which certifies the quality of entertainment on offer. The forth Hard Rock Café to open in India, Delhi’s Hard Rock Café gives you all the joys of the internationally recognised brand, including their store. You can check out some of their famous memorabilia, and also buy t-shirts, mugs and other things to take the Hard Rock experience back home.


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Hard Rock Café specialises in Mediterranean, Mexican, North Indian and American cuisine. If, however, you are visiting Hard Rock Café by the 30th of September, you will be able to enjoy their World Burger Tour. Bringing together burgers from all over the world, Hard Rock Café is about to give your taste buds a world tour that they will never forget. Each and every one of these delicious burgers will make you stomach roar with joy. Burgers on offer include the Tennessee BBQ Burger from the USA, the Quesadilla Burger from Mexico, The New Delhi from India and The Riviera Burger from France. And while you chomp down on these delicious treats, why not wash them down with the signature cocktails, iced available for a limited time only. The limited time menu includes cocktails such as Double Trouble Iced Tea, Hangman’s Blood and Bulldog Margarita. Apart from this seasonal menu, Hard Rock’s regular menu also includes nothing short of spectacular dishes. You can start off with a plate of Rockin’ Wings, Santa Fe Spring Rolls, Red Hot Chilli Fries or Southern Spiced Chicken Fritters. For the main course you could go for the Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Ribs, the Herb Grilled Chicken or the Mustard Grilled Chicken.


                                                                                          Image Credit: Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi

As can be expected from the Hard Rock Café, the drinks menu is perhaps one of the best that diners will have ever seen. Hard Rock and an extensive range of signature cocktails, shooters, and margaritas while, at the same time it serves classics such as the Jager Bomb, the Martini and the Cosmopolitan. Hard Rock Café also has a wide variety of alcohol and spirits on offer.


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Musical events are commonplace at the Hard Rock Café. The month of September will see events such as Rock to Retro, After Dark and the India tours of Marco Minnemann and Nitro. Even more events are planned for the months to come. Visit Hard Rock Café’s official website for details.

Going to a Hard Rock Café is an incredible experience. While the thumping music makes you feel alive, the food and drinks just keeps you coming back for more. One visit to this fantastic café is more than enough to turn a one-time visitor into a regular. 

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