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About Virginia Tech India

Virginia Tech India Research and Education Forum (VTIREF) is a Not for Profit institute duly registered in India, affiliated to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, USA.  In an increasingly connected world, Virginia Tech is committed to being a global Center of learning and an inviting place for faculty and students from around the world to engage in collaborative Learning, Research and Innovation as well as Cultural Exchange.

We focus on Interdisciplinary research in selected areas of science and Technology of relevance to the global and Indian community. We encourage our researchers to create opportunities for novel industries, robust job growth and enhanced human capabilities.

Our Educational initiatives aim towards upgradation of the Knowledge and Skills of students, staff and Corporate professionals.

We have an active Outreach Programme focusing on rural development, gender equality and sustainability.

We welcome everyone to join us in the above sphere of activities and together we can create a New global and Indian Vision.

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