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Known to be the fourth largest Metropolitan City in India. Chennai treks have beautiful scenic surprises and enthralling destinations for you to trek over a weekend. The charming valleys, towering peaks, thundering waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the best treks near Chennai are Kothagiri, Nagalapuram, Yelagiri and many more. Book yourself a ticket for the next best trek near Chennai.

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Trekking Places near Chennai

Revel in the scenic and and naturalistic aspects of trekking. The perfect way to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Here are a few locations that will give you the best experience. 

Nagalapuram Trek

Located 75 km from Chennai is one of the most scenic trekking locale’s. A 13km trek that can be covered within a day, including a large amount of small mountain streams. A must see attraction is the magic pool at the summit of the elevations. 

Distance from Chennai - 75 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate to difficult

Trekking Length - 13 km

Altitude - 213 feet

Best Season - January and February 

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Tada Falls Trek

Experience a day away from hot and humid climate of Chennai by following this 10 km trail through dry and muddy paths, then boulders. Watch out out the Shiva Temple, and keep your binoculars out to spot the diverse and vibrant birdlife. It’s hard to miss the lush green foliage around you, only about 80 km from Chennai. The trek route has no indications making it very challenging. 

Distance from Chennai - 80 km

Difficulty Level - moderate

Trekking Length - 10 km

Best Season - August to December

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Gingee Fort Trek

The Troy of The East, famously known as the Gingee fort is located 160km from Chennai

Here is a spectacular combination of history and natural beauty. Originally built by the Chola Dynasty in the 9th Century AD, is this marvellous fortification. Enjoy the view of the surroundings and stunning structures such as the citadel - Krishnagiri, or the few other forts nearby.  

Distance from Chennai - 160 km 

Difficulty Level - easy

Altitude  - 800 ft

Best Season - November to February

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Yelagiri Trek

High up at 1050m, this hill contains a concoction of charming valleys, gaping gorges, towering peaks, thundering waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries. Just about 220 km from Chennai, is this moderately simple trek to the Perumadu Waterfalls with a distance of 3 km.

Distance from Chennai - 220 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate

Trekking Length - 3 km

Altitude - 1050 m

Best Season - November to February

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Yercaud Trek

Experience the must do trek in the ‘Jewel of the East’, situated 367 km from the city’s capital of Chennai. One of the Shevaroy ranges of the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud stands at 1,515m, about 20 hairpin bends drive through. There are multiple unique and stunning viewpoints including the well known sunrise point at Manjakuttai village as well as many others such as the Big Lake, Small Lake, Lady's Seat, Pagoda Point, Anna Park, Shevaroy Temple and Bear's Cave. 

Distance from Chennai - 367 km

Difficulty Level - moderate 

Trekking Length - 8 Kms to 9 Kms

Altitude - 1515 m

Best Season - October to January

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Talakona Waterfalls Trek

Begin at the Lord Siddeswara Swamy Temple and trek 2 km through the Sri Venkateswara National Park, Stopping to enjoy the many waterfalls and and the perfect mixture of stunning flora and fauna, all about 190 km from Chennai. Rumoured to have magical healing powers, the thick cascades of the Talakona falls, plummet down from a height of 270ft. THis is a 2 km trek including the must try  240m long Canopy rope walk. 

Distance from Chennai - 190 km

Difficulty Level - moderate

Trekking Length - 2 km

Best Season - September to December

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Dolphin's Nose Trek

Located a mere 8km from Kodaikanal, is this deep gorge at about 6600 feet. Amidst the lush green mountain range providing a stunning view of Periyakulam Town and in addition the Vaigai Lake.

This is a 5km made for beginners! 

Distance from Chennai - 550 km

Difficulty Level - easy

Trekking Length - 5 km

Altitude - 6600 ft

Best Season - September to December

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Meghamalai Trek

Here lies the ‘cream of the skies’ located midst the hilly wildlife sanctuary bordering Kerala and Tamil Nadu. make your way through this marvellous rainforest known for its Elephant Corridor, Pothai Pull Medu and the Manalar Waterfall. Find all these breathtaking structures only about 550 km from Chennai.

Distance from Chennai - 550 km

Difficulty Level - easy

Altitude - 1500m

Best Season - September to December

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Kolli Hills Trek

Located about 357 km from the city of Chennai lie the Kolli hills said to be a beacon of mystical powers and are fated to the allegations of Witchcraft being practiced here. Beginning at the Puliancholi Village and the relatively easy trail ends at the reputed Akash Ganga Waterfalls.Don’t miss out on the number of caves which lie well hidden and the few temples. This 18 km trek requires your bouldering skills and is quite challenging!

Distance from Chennai - 357 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate to Difficult

Trekking Length - 18 km

Altitude - 1000 to 1300 m

Best Season - February to December

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Venkateswara Hills Trek

Take a chance and enter the unexplored and yet captivating forests of the Sri Venkateswara National Park and sanctuary. Explore the natural water pools, streams and wondrous falls. There is a large variety of wildlife. The trek begins at Kumaradhara Dam Area and takes you through the 

 Angel Falls right to the pool at the top of the Venkateswara Summit which will mesmerize you with its beauty! This is a challenging 144 km trek located 357 km from chennai, but one of the most sought out destinations. 

Distance from Chennai - 357 km

Difficulty Level - difficult

Trekking Length - 144 km

Altitude - 2799 ft

Best Season - September to March

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Munnar Trek

A combination of trekking, camping, swimming and mountaineering and many more! Keep the adventure going fun filled naturistic location drivable from the neighbouring cities of Bangalore and Chennai. Trek from Kodaikanal to Munnar through an 18km dense forest route.

Distance from Chennai - 586 km

Difficulty Level - easy

Trekking Length - 18 km

Altitude - 8842 ft (highest peak)

Best Season - Monsoon

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Nilgiris Trek

Through the mountains into the dense forests and unknown vegetation. An insight into the life of a bravado, enjoy this short trip in the wilderness and uncover the hidden natural beauties. Challenge yourself and have an amazing time! 

Distance from Chennai - 576 km

Difficulty Level - moderate to difficult

Trekking Length - 6 km

Altitude - 2637 m

Best Season - All Year

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Kodaikanal Trek

A rock shaped like the nose of a dolphin juts out from the mountains here giving a tremendous view of the valleys and fields below. This is one of the most stunningly picturesque trek routes and is also very strenuous. Experience culture when you pass through the town of Vellagavi.

Distance from Chennai - 540 km

Difficulty Level - moderate

Trekking Length - 12 km

Altitude - 6600 ft

Best Season - April to July

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