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About The Velveteen Rabbit

Chennai’s The Velveteen Rabbit is a Lounge Bar Wrapped in a Fairy Tale

Image Credit: The Velveteen Rabbit
We all loved fairy tales as children and, as adults we still wouldn’t mind a bit of magic in our lives. Which is why so many of us still love fantasy adventures such as Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings. But could there be a way to combine the childish innocence of fairy tales and mix it with the adult enjoyment of clubbing? Well, apparently a lounge bar in Chennai has found the perfect combination of these two elements. The Velveteen Rabbit, inspired by the children’s book of the name by Margery Williams, creates an atmosphere which takes you back to your childhood days, while regaling you with some exquisite food and beverages, as well as stellar entertainment. The Velveteen Rabbit endeavours to be a venue where you can embrace the child in you, while still enjoying the many pleasures of being a grown up. It is a whimsical place, but it is a place that makes you feel happy and refreshed a long day, or even a long week.

Image Credit: The Velveteen Rabbit
While the food, in general, at The Velveteen Rabbit is considered to be finger food, they are not your generic fast food items. Sourced from Italian, Mediterranean and French cuisines, these dishes are delicacies to be savoured. For starters, we have some incredible dishes such as Cajun Spiced Zucchini, Curried Chicken Kibbeh, Beer Battered Seafood, Turkish Beyti Kebab and Crispy Vegetable Cigar. There are also quite a few wraps and salads like Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Wrap, Pesto Chicken & Fried Egg, Melon with Feta Salad and Caesar Chicken. For the main course, there is an assortment of delicacies from various cuisines such as Bianco Pizza, Pepperoni and Fresh Figs Pizza, Roasted Vegetable Lasagne and Beaten Steaks.

Image Credit: The Velveteen Rabbit
Drinks, at The Velveteen Rabbit, are served abundantly, owning majorly to the fact that their bar is extremely well stocked. The Velveteen Rabbit is also quite proud of their mixologists, since the first page of their bar menu lists the delectable signature drinks that the lounge bar has. Tokyo Mid-Town, Jack Went Crazy and Hot Chili Pepper are all standout drinks that need to be savoured.

Image Credit: The Velveteen Rabbit
DJs and live musicians are quite common at the Velveteen Rabbit, but the club is also known celebrating special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc. in a really big way.
The Velveteen Rabbit has successfully created a unique atmosphere where innocence and experience mingle effortlessly. This not only makes the lounge bar a great place for a party, but also a wonderful venue to visit with the entire family.

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044 4282 7882


57, 2nd Main Rd, Govindaswamy Nagar, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028
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