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About Kipling Cafe

Kipling Café is a restaurant located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. With the white muslin curtains in place, antique tables and chairs the decor of Kipling Café has a strong hold over the senses. Kipling Café is an elegant Asian-continental fusion restaurant with shady garden seating and a sea view roof terrace. They even have carved granite pillars that are holding up thatched roofs! Kipling Café has created a charm that is so very romantic that it has become a must visit place for couples of all ages regardless of every other element. You need only catch a glimpse of its sprawling lawns and you could fall in love all over again. With its Kipling Café has a newly introduced menu which places a stronger emphasis on south East Asian cuisines. The restaurant showcases its best food on the latest menu. Kipling Cafe.

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Do note that this cafe is situated at the end of a dark, narrow, rocky road. You need to brace yourself and brave it because the arduous journey to reach this cafe is definitely worth it. Once you get there, it is truly delightful and all will be forgotten. The food and ambiance makes up for any discomfort you face in getting there. Be ready to shell out Rs 2000 per person for a filling meal. Then again cafes are meant for their ambience not for filling meals. The place is ideal for family meals as well. Do not forget to try their mushroom risotto which is creamy and saucy just as it ought to be. If you find the outdoors too hot, you can always request to move into the top floor where they have spaces with air conditioning. You can find an eclectic mix of crowd from old couples to youngsters and families. If you plan to visit this place, we suggest dining there because there is nothing more romantic than a lovely dinner under the starry night sky.

Phone Number

073052 20330


16, L Jey Avenue, Akkarai, East Coast Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600047
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