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IKP-EDEN™ (IKP Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship Network) is open and we are extremely excited to help hardware startups, hobbyists, aspiring technocrats, makers, designers and enthusiasts innovate and build new products. IKP-EDEN™ is a "Prototype of a prototyping centre". We are learning as we go along, and we need you and and community to help us serve you better What we offer: - 20,000 sq ft brand new building opposite Forum Mall in the heart of Bangalore's startup quadrilateral - Metal workshop, woodworking shop, electronics lab, rapid prototyping center, 3-D printers, soldering stations, sheet metal workshop, bio-tech labs and other high-end, high-tech machines (stay tuned as we continue fitting out our labs) - Triple back-up to power (dedicated UPS lines, back-up generator, back-up to back-up generator) - Fully fitted out interiors with air-conditioning - Dedicated 20 Mbps leased line Internet - Coffee, tea, water and unlimited laughs and ideas - Cafeteria and lunch rooms - Basement parking (also serves as weekend cricket and football arena) - Massive terrace ideal for networking events - Dedicated professionals and training staff helping product based startups "Make in India" - Stay tuned for more! IKP-EDEN™ is an initiative of IKP KNowledge Park, a Section 25 non-profit company headquartered in Hyderabad.

http://www.ikpeden.com https://www.facebook.com/ikpeden/
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