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About Big Bang Theory

Discover a Whole New Galaxy of Flavours at Chennai’s Big Bang Theory

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These days, when you sat the term ‘Big Bang Theory’, two things pop to mind. The theory regarding the creation of the universe and the hit American sitcom. However, there is yet another entity that is quickly making itself synonymous with this term as well, especially in Chennai. Big Bang Theory, a bar and restaurant located in Kodambakkam, Chennai, is looking to create a mix of pop culture references and fine dining. The ambiance inside the restaurant is relaxed and free. On the walls, you can see the various inspirations for the name. There is a huge portrait of Albert Einstein, sticking his tongue out. Right next to that, there is a blackboard willed with mathematical and scientific calculations. There is also a bookshelf filled with titles related to science and science fiction. There are also other illustrations and interior decorations that keep reminding of the theory, the show and also of the uniqueness of the place in which you are currently sitting. With a competent and friendly staff, as well as remarkably good food, the Big Bang Theory is all set to become your next favourite food stop.

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As per normal, the menu starts with the appetizers, only here they are called the Side Kicks. There are some items such as No Rocket Science and Wolowitz, which are inspired from the TV show. Other interesting appetizers include French Kiss, Chakras, Grillex and Buffalo Soldier. There are also some spectacular sandwiches and burgers that you can try, such as Meateor, Leslie, Bulchi and Bull Fight. For the main course, there are a tons of options to choose from. Some of the crowd favourites include Little Chef, Napoleon Bonaparte, Beefles and Spaghetti Carbonara. Finally, for dessert, you can choose from a sumptuous selection of cakes and ice cream. 


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Large collection drinks aside, what Big Bang Theory is most famous for are its incredible cocktails. Take the Adult Oreo shake, for example. It is just another Oreo Shake, but with vodka in it. There are many more equally innovative drinks, such as The Breeze, Russian Coffee, Hazelnut Martini and Tiramisu.

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While Big Bang Theory does have regular musical entertainment, it makes it a point to host a Karaoke Night every Thursday. That means, if you are someone passionate about singing, then Thursday is the day when you make a beeline for the Big Bang Theory. The staff are very accommodating, and will help you in any way possible to make sure that you can belt out your all-time favourite songs. 

It’s true that Big Bang Theory, the restaurant, has yet become as popular as the theory or the TV show. But with its commitment towards its customers, and its endeavors towards excellence, this establishment will soon change that.

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