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About Baking Classes & Workshops

Baking is one of the most popular professions that also serves as a great hobby for many. With various baking methods and products, baking has also become a great art that involves creativity even with ingredients for a start. Baking bread or cake or any sort of food involves a major part of the process in an oven. Baking dates back to a 600 BC that started out in Ancient Greece, flourished during the Roman Empire. 

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Baking recently has become not just a great hobby or a career, but also a great form of art in itself. With a lot that adds to the process of baking, the art more or less requires great attention to bring out the best form of it. While this may not require a schooling session, it is also important that the baker knows the technical know-hows of baking, to be able to present the best of baking.

To learn the art of baking turns out to be a great experience. Baking lessons and culinary schools are primary resources that help an aspiring baker master the best form of it

Origins of Baking

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Baking has a very interesting history that had quite picked up and became popular during the Roman Empire. While it was quickly becoming an art that was welcomed by many, the Romans were quite keen on developing and experimenting more with baking. Baked goods quickly became a demand at feasts and grand occasions. By 300 BC, the attention baking had received quickly made it an admired art and a respected profession.

As baking became more popular with more demand for baked goods, the first bakers guild was established in 168 BC. It was around this time when baking was as popular and welcomed by a lot of people, the trend quickly picked up. Baking as a profession by now saw bakers selling baked goods on the streets of some of the major cities and countries around the globe. 

Eventually, to make this a much less of hazard the bakers from the cities, selling baked goods on the street found a common space where everyone can buy baked goods. For the first time, Paris saw an open-air bakery, that had all the bakers gather around the same area to sell their products. This also became a great space for people to gather for a conversation or a meet over some great baked goods by the Colonial Era. 

With World War II came in a crisis for efficient and professional bakers as the war lead to a shut down of most of the baking schools and bakers occupations. Eventually new methods walked in to save the day and to be able to help with the baking industry. New techniques while were not able to fulfil the original impact that baking had done earlier, was sufficiently reaching out to various parts of the world.

In A Baking Class

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In a baking class you can mainly expect the following set of general sessions along with a few specific sessions of baking, depending on the course the person picks. General sessions on:

  • Baking and Kitchen Equipment
  • Basics of Baking
  • Ingredient Choices
  • Details on Dough and Fillings
  • Cake Baking
  • Decorating/ Presenting the dish

Apart from this, specific sessions on other baking like bread baking, cookie baking etc, would involve 

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