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About The Moon and Sixpence

Does the name sound familiar to you? If you are a voracious reader, don’t be surprised. The Moon and Sixpence is a pub in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It has been named after the well read book written by the British playwright Mr. Somerset Maugham. This lively yet cosy pub is located at Level One of Hablis Hotel, Guindy. They have an amazing UK-inspired decor in the good ol’ Irish Pub house style. The Moon and Sixpence is an ideal place to hang out with your friends and colleagues. They serve a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is a great place to rediscover the true sense of bonding, belonging and camaraderie. The space celebrates individuality and jolly old fashioned friendship. For the alcohol detesting friends of yours, they offer a lovely choice of non alcoholic drinks as well. To add to that, The Moon and Sixpence has a truly well thought of menu comprising the most delicious of food from all across the world.

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The best part of this place is how they somehow manage to reinvent themselves every day through the week. These guys do an amazing job of running this resto-bar due to their passion and commitment. There seems to be a strong sense of passion, authenticity and focus on healthy and responsible eating. The Moon and Sixpence also serves as a space for fresh creativity and talent, be it music, arts, movies or a space for great food, conversations, poetry and laughter. Coming to the food they serve, the burgers are customisable. You get to choose from the finest tasting traceable ingredients. You can always opt to pick ingredients to suit your taste all of which are guaranteed to be fresh, healthy and delicious. The attire code at The Moon and Sixpence is casual.


Guindy Industrial Estate, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032
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