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About Prarthana Drive-In Theatre

Founder of Prarthana Drive - In Theatre is Dr. N. Devanathan, a versatile human being eith a Ph.D in Litterature. It was an eclectic dream that inspired him to start this unique movie-going experience. At one time in time, he dreamt of experiencing movies instead of simply viewing them. How did he make that possible? By letting the stories unfold on a grandiose screen that is nestled in Chennai city’s sky along with the mild rumbling of the coastal breeze. Prarthana beach drive-in theatre & restaurant complex came to life on the 10th of May in the year 1991. Srinivasa Enterprises are the brawn and brains behind managing this unique business.

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Since then, this theatre has been drawing a beeline of movie enthusiasts. Surprisingly, Prarthana Drive-In Theatre is India’s only and one of the world’s first drive-in theatres located near the coast/beach-side. Equipped with digital projection and digital sound, the theatre gives its viewers a complete movie experience. There is also an imposing curved concrete screen of about 4500 sq.ft. Each car is provided with an exclusive bay on elevated ramps to view the movie which gives each viewer a feeling of significance. To top it all, they provide a delectable vegetarian spread that has a dinner menu. Along with this is a snack menu that can be munched on and enjoyed while watching the movie. You can either have the meals served at your car or you could enjoy your meal at the exclusive restaurant area. For families with little ones, there is an outdoor play area too. Your children can take little breaks and involve with activities while watching the movie. The roofed area of the theatre also has a snack counter for those who prefer a seating experience and for audience who arrive in two wheelers. For those who want conventional movie viewing, they also provide an indoor A/c theatre with a snack counter in the complex.

Seeing both the celestial and the movie stars shine and glitter together in the night sky is a trul changing experience. It has a one of a kind. for the youngest customers who like to break into an activity The roofed area has a snack counter for those preferring a seating experience and for those who visit Prarthana in vehicles other than four wheelers. This theatre is equipped with digital projection & digital sound.

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East Coast Road, Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041
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