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Omnex is an International Business & Quality consulting company providing Performance Excellence solutions for thousands of clients worldwide. We have been in business for over 30 years, working in more than 30 countries and serving clients from Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Food, Banking, Oil/Natural Gas, Apparel, and Alternate-Energy companies. With our Global HQ in Michigan,USA, we work in Asia Pacific via our 15 offices present in China, India, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia and Indonesia. You are now at Omnex Asia-Pacific' facebook page that will be updated regularly with unique offers, discount coupons for Public training, e-learning options, quick bits videos on latest standards, and ofcourse, a platform where you can have a Live Chat with our experts, and much much more... We hope to connect with you quickly and provide you solutions and answers that can help you and your company become successful.

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