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The famous Marina Beach is a natural urban beach in the city of Chennai, India, along the Bay of Bengal. This beach holds a very special place in the hearts of Chennaites. The beach extends from Fort St. George in the north to Foreshore Estate in the south. This means that it covers a distance of approximately 6.45 km. Marina Beach is thus the longest natural urban beach in the country and one of the world's longest beach ranked at a number 1. The beach in itself is mostly sandy unlike the terrain of Juhu beach in the neighboring state of Maharashtra. Since the past few years, bathing and swimming in the waters of this beach has been legally prohibited.

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This is because of past incidents and the danger that these waters cause due to a vert aggressive and turbulent undercurrent. Unlike the nearby Besant Nagar beach, Marina Beach is one of the most crowded beaches in the whole country! On any average day it attracts about 30000 visitors! The number of visitors during weekends and public holidays rise to a humongous 50000 a day! Even during summer months under the blistering heat and humid atmosphere of Chennai, evenings at Marina beach has about a mean of 15,000 to 20,000 people daily. Initially, the Marina beach was known for being pristine and also for its rich and unique Eco system.

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Unfortunately, of late the beach and its waters have been said to have become polluted due to excess disposal of non degradable material such as plastic waste into the waters by locals and visitors alike. Such intense and widespread pollution has made certain portions of the beach unusable for any kind of activity. In the last few years, certain organisations and NGOs have voluntarily taken up to keeping the Marina beach clean. Marina beach is the pride of Chennai city and simply maintaining it to be clean is not sufficient, efforts to protect the olive ridley turtle nests which can be spotted along the Neelankarai section of the beach and helping sustain their population is another purpose that has been taken up by several voluntary groups who work tirelessly for the well being of their favorite beach. There is believed to be about 500 shops run by about 1,212 vendors on the sides of the beach and its entrance. These small shops include food stalls and snack shacks serving a multitude of specialized food items. Apart from all these attractions, the beach has memorials and statues, morning walk, joggers' track, lovers' spot, aquarium, and the like which makes it an amazing place to hang out.


Mahatma Gandhi Road Marina Beach, Chennai, India
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