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About Zumba Classes & Workshops

Zumba, created by the well known dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez, is one of the popular fitness dance forms. It has been taking over an important status on all the fitness regime related scenes all over the world. The trademark of the dance form is owned by Zumba, LLC. It involves dance moves and a touch of aerobic movements to energetic music. While Zumba has no traditional dance moves or music, the combination of the music and moves have been proven to be successful. Focusing on fitness dance regimes, Zumba has given out great outputs. 

Image Credits: Flickr - Teammarche

The choreography includes moves incorporated from dance forms like Samba, Salsa, Merengue and Mambo. This fitness dance has now been widely spread globally, with millions approaching for great times of movements, fun and work-out focusing on staying fit and even getting on shape. A fitness regime that just made it's way out starting 1999, has been growing bigger and massive in terms of zumba lovers and communities that enjoy great Zumba sessions all around the world.

Origin of Zumba

Image Credits: Flickr- Simon Schoeters

Zumba was founded by Alberto Perez, in 1999 October. As a matter of fact, Zumba started as an excuse to keep an aerobic class up and going after Alberto forgot his music tape for the class. Improvising on bringing into the picture more than one dance forms did have a great response from the class. Slowly, the dance form received a great feed back and lot of people approaching with an aim to work on fitness and fun at the same time. 

Zumba, the term does not hold an exact meaning. The name was developed as a brand name for the Zumba company. The dance regime does not stick to a particular traditional music or dance moves. It aims on bringing in all forms of dance like Salsa, Samba, Mambo and a few aerobic moves. 

After finding great success with the initial stages of Zumba and its impact on peoples routine, Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion with Alberto Perez, founded and established the licensed company, Fitness Quest. The company started out with home videos that enventually reached out to many on international platforms.

Zumba Classes

Image Credits: Flickr - Simon Schoeters

Zumba classes extent for about an hour or so. The movements are focused on proper work-outs that involve dance moves and some upbeat music. These sessions are preceded with licensed Zumba instructors and trainers to help the crowd follow  the sessions systematically.

The sessions are made interesting and fun as it includes moves from dance forms like Salsa, Cumbia, Chacha, Hip-hop and more.

Zumba classes are also open to all age groups. While there are different types of Zumba for every level and age group, it is one of the few fitness regimes that can be approached, considering that the sessions are fun, while still keeping the dances focused on work-out sessions.

The dancers are also trained for better resistance levels. The physical stamina, body strengthening, active moves and getting better with the moves for a toned physique are also focused on during Zumba sessions.

Various Types of Zumba

image Credits: Flickr- Teammarche

There are various types of Zumba for various levels of dancers. A few types focus on various age groups of dancers who approach Zumba as a fitness regime. Zumba has also been proven to be safe for all age groups. 

Types of Zumba:

1. Zumba Fitness - Zumba that anyone can approach for fitness

2. Aqua Zuma 

3. Zumba Step

4. Zumba Gold

5. Zumba toning

6. Zumba gold-toning

7. Zumba Kids

8. Zumba Kids jr.

9. Zumba Step

10. Zumba Sentao

11. Zumbini

12. Zumba Circuit 

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