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There cannot be a better way to unwind than being on the road, soaking up all the goodness that places that can slow down time pamper you with. Be it a beach destination, a hill station or a historical place, each of them offer unique experiences that a busy city life may not. Here are a list of places you can escape off to after a long week.

Weekend Getaways Destinations near Bangalore below 100 Kilometers


Image Credits: Nrityagram-

A perfect getaway for an art and heritage lover, Nrityagram, set up in 1990 is a small art village not very far from Bangalore. The entire village is of beautifully built mud houses and greenery with various art culture filling in on the routine life. The dance school at Nrityagram, which is famous for its classes and budding artist training sessions, lets visitors take a look into the life of an artist as a dancer or a musician. A group of talented artists who are focusing on the modern Gurukul way of learning the art of dance with an art village type of community. You also get to visit Hessarghatta which is not very far from Nrityagram.

Distance: 32 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Manchinbele is one of the villages at Magadi. The place is known for its best spot for trekking and other water sports like kayaking, rappelling and more. As an ideal one day outing near Bangalore, the place offers some of the best activities apart from the trek.  As an ideal place for corporate team outings, the backwater campsite organizes water sport events like kayaking and other activities like paintball, for teams that come in for outings. 

Distance: 40 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits: Flickr - Navaneeth KN

Located at about 50 Kms from the city of Bengaluru, Ramagara rises to an altitude of 2450 ft. To be exact the place is on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, making it quite accessible for people who are looking for a quick getaway from the city. The spot is great for trekking and is also known for its Sericulture.

The hill at Ramanagara called Ramadeverabetta has been a picturesque view that has been quite an attraction for photographers and people from the movie industry. This was also made famous by the movie Sholay, with the stunning views the place offers.

Distance: 50 Kms from Bangalore

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Devarayanadurga Hills

Image Credits:

As one of the popular hill station destinations near Tumkur in Karnataka, Devarayana Durga is a great one day trek option for trekkers. The place also has quite a few sightseeing spots along the trek, including temples and beautiful springs. At an altitude of 3940 ft, the trek is quite a great adventure perfect for nature lovers. The place is an absolute delight for Birdwatchers, photographers, history buffs apart from being one of the great trekking spots and a perfect weekend getaway.

Distance: 65 Kms from Bangalore

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Kaurava Kunda

Image Credits:

Kaurava Kunda is located about 75 Kilometers from Bangalore and is at an altitude of 820 ft. The name of the hill comes from the two great historical clans of Pandavas and Kauravas, as the hill is a doublet hill. The trek trail also shows shrine of Lord Shiva that the trekkers will be able to explore while on the trek. The trek is one of the perfect weekend getaways that practically works for a beginner trekker. 

Distance: 65 Kms from Bangalore

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Weekend Getaway Destinations near Bangalore between 100-200 Kilometers


Image Credits:

Bheemshwari is one of the most scenic trekking spots that can also be perfect for nature walks and adventure activities. The inviting lush green lets the trekker halt for some stunning views while trekking up to the peak. The 5 Kilometer trek along Bheemeshwari hills is quite an easy level trek. 

Distance :  110 Kms

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Shivanasamudra Falls

Image Credits:

Situated in the Mandya District of Karnataka, Shivanasamudra falls is one of the popular tourist spots. Right on the Kaveri River, as it rolls off the Deccan Plateau, the river drops at the Shivanasamudra falls.This beautiful waterfalls serves as an amazing one day getaway to Mandya and back.

Distance: 135 Kms

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Image Credits: flickr- Lensman Vishy

Situated on the banks of the River Sharavati, Honnemardu is a lovely tourist spot. An island, tucked away in complete quietness and beauty, Honneemardu is a haven for Birdwatchers. Some of the rarest birds keep visiting the banks of the river. An overnight stay, would give a clearer and fantastic experience at the island. Water sports like boating and kayaking gives a whole different experience at Honnemardu. 

Distance: 141 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Weekend Getaway Destinations near Bangalore between 200 - 250 Kilometers


Image Credits: Kabini- Nagarhole National Park-

A place that looks like it's sole purpose is to get you to appreciate the quiet and peace nature has to offer. Thankfully untouched by commercial organisations, Kabini has been safely protected with all its natural habitat, offering a complete 'into-the-wild' experience. Kabini is also a wildlife and nature lovers' best escapade. An early morning jungle safari at the Nagarhole National Park is one of the most recommended things to do when you're at Kabini, during which you also get to spot wildlife. Nature resorts tucked away in the wilderness and resorts overlooking Kabini River are the best options for a stay at Kabini.

Distance: 215 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Belur is one of the historical places and a great tourist spots near Hassan, in Karnataka. As a place that holds a massive architectural art and heritage from King Vishnuvardana’s rule, there is no question about the Cheenakesava Temple. With major art and sculptures lined up for people to look up to these arts, the Cheenakesava temple is also among the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Distance: 220 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

As one of the popular tourist spots in Karnataka, Halebidu houses some of the best architectural marvels from the history of the country. The temples and sculptures depict the exquisite craftsmanship from 1121 CE. The temple complex at Halebidu is of 2 temples and 2 Jain basadi that is right in front of a lake. While visiting Halibedu, one can also visit the lovely town of Belur.

Distance: 221 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Sakleshpur is one of the scenic towns, not very far from Bangalore and is on the National Highway 48. The town has an average 3113 feet elevation and is frequently visited by trekking enthusiasts. Sakleshpur receives some of the heaviest rainfalls during monsoon. In fact, it is also one of the places that receives the most rainfall in Karnataka.

The Agni Gudda trek in Sakleshpur is one of the popular treks that trekkers have been frequently attempting in the past few years. The view from the top gives an absolute stunning view. As one of the perfect spots for trips and outdoor camping, trekking here is not very difficult.

Distance: 221 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits: flickr- Sarath Kuchi

A quaint village preserving the Newari culture, Bandipur is one of the beautiful tourist spots. The sight of 18th Century architecture that has occupied the town is such a delight to be welcomed to. Bandipur Tiger Reserve is one of the main attractions. The jeep safari and a jungle lodge stay, lets you spot some lovely wildlife and if you're lucky, even a tiger! 

Distance: 230 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Image Credits: Masinagudi

Masinagudi is a complete hub spot for nature lovers. The National Park lets you get on a safari to spot wildlife around. Very close to the Mudumalai National Park and Bandipur on the other side, Masinagudi is undoubtedly one of the best escapades into a peaceful jungle as opposed to a city of tall buildings and sky-scrappers.

Distance: 243 Kilometers from Bangalore

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                            Weekend Getaway Destinations near Bangalore between 250 - 300 Kilometers


Image Credits: Flickr - Kalidas Pavithran

A getaway from Bangalore totally lets you hit a state or two. Along the state of Kerala is the very scenic, perfectly perched among the hills, Wayanad. The refreshing lush green, lovely waterfalls on the way and monsoon rains, totally set a special vacation mode. If weather permits, trekking along the hill stretches of Wayanad is the best thing to include on your schedule. 

Distance: 265 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Image Credits: Wikimedia

Situated perfectly in between the lush green Kodagu and Wayanad, Brahmagiri is one of the most attractive, frequent attempt by trekkers. At an altitude of 5270 odd ft, the view from the top, after a trek is an absolute delight. One of the routes to Brahmagiri also has Nagarhole National Park crossing. As a perfect place to spot wildlife, Brahmagiri adds reasons for wildlife enthusiasts to keep coming back for more.

Distance: 272 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits: flickr- Kalidas Pavithran

One of the most loveliest Hill Stations in Karnataka, Coorg is the kind of place where time stands still and let you enjoy your getaway. The lovely coffee estates and hills towering over small towns in Coorg is such a sight to catch up on. During the trip one can also go on treks along the nearby hills. Catch up on the local food, coffee trail and a time of soaking up all the goodness Coorg has been offering.

Distance: 276 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Ooty is one of the most popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Not too far from Bangalore, Ooty is a great getaway plan for a weekend. Apart from popular tourists spots like suicide point, one can hit dolphin nose, Coonoor a drive to Kothagiri, which are less crowded and perfect to spend time while you're in Ooty. Flower shows and Emerald Lake is one of the main attractions here. Stunning views of the hills, wandering along the quiant town perched between them and a laid-back day, are things that can easily make this a perfect getaway from a crowded city.

Distance: 278 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

A small town along the river of Pennar, Gandikota is known for its quaint calm surrounding and the old Gandikota Fort. The fort offers a great natural defence having been surrounded by a deep valley and impassable hills & with massive boulders of red granite and the river Pennar that flows about 300 ft. A perfect getaway from the city, Gandikota is soon to be receiving a world heritage status too. 

Distance:  280 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits: flickr- Prashatby

Chikmagalur is known for its picturesque landscapes and amazing view points. Some of the best hills to trek along and great view points in Karnataka are very accessible from Chikmagalur. This lovely place, offers great options of not just trekking but also great road trip routes, waterfalls and scenic foothills in Karnataka.  

Distance: 280 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Nishani Motte

Image Credits: Escape2Explore

Nishani Motte gives the ultimate experience of trekking out in the wild, proving to be an avid trekkers delight. The name Nishani Motte is to describe the Nishani peak which happens to look like an ‘Egg’, ‘motte’ in Kannada. With just around 284 Kilometers away from the city, this place makes the best time away from the crowded city.

Distance: 284 Kms from Bangalore

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Chembra Peak

Image Credits:

Tucked away atop Wayanad is the highest Chembra Peak, a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore. With dense forested trails, the peak is one of the most popular trekkers delight. While the climb is quite a challenge the trail leading up to the heart-shaped lake is such an interesting task. The lake is said to have never dried up. The trail up to the peak plays along, showing some of the most scenic view points and spots while on the trek.

Distance: 290 Kms from Bangalore

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Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Image Credits:

Along the north west of Chikmagalur is Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, very popular and well protected tiger reserve. The sanctuary is surrounded by scenic hill ranges and waterfalls like Gangegiri, Mullyangiri, Bababudangiri and Hebbegiri. Adding to the beauty are the waterfalls. The whole Bhadra Sanctuary is composed of some of the most important kinds of terrains, with moist deciduous forests to evergreen forests too.

Another highlight is the biodiversity that the sanctuary presents to the visitors. Nature lovers who are on the lookout to spot some of the best during their trip to Bhadra, would love a trip here as a quick getaway from a crowded city. 

Distance : 293 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Also known as Shivamogga, is at the central part of Karnataka, along the banks of River Tunga. At a 1800 ft above sea level, Shimoga’s explicit beauty lies in the green paddy fields and coconut groves. The town is well known for the constant tourist attraction that keeps the crowd travelling for getaways. As the place also houses a number of waterfalls, one of the popular waterfalls, the Jog Falls flows along the edges of Shimoga. Keeping the land lush green and well irrigated, is River Tunga. Tourists can also spot a number of dams while visiting Shimoga. 

Distance: 300 Kms from Bangalore

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Weekend Getaways Destinations near Bangalore between 300 - 400 Kilometers


Image Credits: Instagram - Olivia Phoebe

Pondicherry is among one of the most preferred getaways. A small quaint town, with architecture that represents the french colonial times along the white town is a great attraction for tourists and travellers. Long peaceful stretches of beaches and humid weather constantly keeps the town going for some great beach parties and events. As a town that practically lets time slow down, Pondicherry is a perfect weekend getaway.

Distance: 310 Kms

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Image Credits:

Udupi, also known as Odipu in Tulu, is one of the popular cities in Karnataka. Udupi is notable for the Krishna Temple and is also proudly owns the popular Udupi cuisine. The festivals and celebrations at Udupi is the main attraction for huge crowds of locals as well as outsiders gather in Udupi. Udupi is known for the Krishna Mutt.

Distance: 311 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Hampi as an important part of then UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most beautiful temple towns in Karnataka. It is located within the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara and was one of the richest and largest cities in the world during its prime. The architectural marvel that the town shows clearly attracts a number of art and architecture lovers. 

Distance: 343 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Mangalore is a coastal small town, is the chief port city of Karnataka. The city's shows landscapes that include some rolling hills, coconut palms, freshwater streams and hard red-clay tiled-roof buildings. As one of the coastal towns, Mangalore offers tourists some of the best beach visits.

Distance: 352 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Agumbe is one of the most scenic hill getaway, not very far from the city of Bangalore. The place not only offers dense forest terrains, that tourists can enjoy being around but also trails that would lead to some of the most beautiful waterfalls along the region. The highlight is also the Sunset Viewpoint, from where one can catch a glimpse of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. 

Distance : 360 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Bekal is a small picturesque town in Kerala. Known for its stunningly massive Bekal Fort that is keyhole shaped and surrounded by a beach stretch is as scenic as it gets. The view of the Arabian Sea from the observation towers is something tourists would not want to miss out on.

Distance: 376 Kms  from Bangalore

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Weekend Getaway Destinations near Bangalore between 400 - 500 Kilometers


Image Credits:

A port town that offers some of the best for tourists, Karwar is along the Kali River. The beach streches at Karwar and the small mangrove covered islands off the Kali river are the main attractions. Karwar is also one the most active industrial places. 

Distance: 424 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Famous for its rock cut structures and temples, Badami is one of the rich heritage cities in India. The rock-cut Badami Cave Temples were sculpted mostly between the 6th and 8th centuries. The skillfully carved images of the various incarnations of Hindu gods, under boulders and in the red sandstone are an impeccable sight to see. As a popular tourist attraction, this place has been well preserved and maintained too. 

Distance: 448 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits: flickr- Ankur P

Known for its adventure sports and scenic attractions, Dandeli is  quite the tourist spot. White water rafting is one of the popular adventure sport. During rafting season, a whole lot of adventure lovers hit Dandeli for some fun rafting sessions. There are also forest safari trips available at Dandeli. Though it might seem crowded during rafting seasons, there is enough and more wild for nature lovers to be engulfed in.

Distance: 460 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Kodaikanal is one of the scenic hill stations in Tamil Nadu. The cool and misty weather, the scenic beauty of the rolling hills and the wooded forest and its surroundings mesmerizes the visitors and makes it a hot spot throughout the year. Kodaikanal has several scenic natural attractions including Kodaikanal Lake, which the most popular geographic landmark and tourist attraction in this hill station. A perfect getaway indeed.

Distance: 462 Kms from Bangalore


Image Credits: Flickr - Himanisdas

Nestled along the Western Ghats, Munnar is among the scenic hill destinations of Kerala. The name 'Munnar' is from the confluence of three rivers  Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly, where Munnar is situated. The weather at Munnar in itself one of the best things to be experiencing. The hill station gives a whole laid-back lifestyle and hence one of the best getaways from the bustle of the busy city.

Distance: 463 Kilometers from Bangalore

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Image Credits:

Gokarna is a quaint temple town in Karnataka, not too far from Goa. The town is known for its huge coastline and a number of beaches that have scenic rocky climbs. The beaches are pristine and hidden behind a frame of well placed hillocks that trek enthusiasts are keen on trekking to hit the beaches. 

As a perfect weekend family getaway, Gokarna is also one of the hotspots for travellers, backpackers and beach bums.

Distance: 485 Kms from Bangalore

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Weekend Getaway Destinations near Bangalore above 500 Kilometers


Image Credits: Olivia Phoebe

As a city that is a combination of both busy and clearly eases out on time, Kochi is a great weekend destination. The old town, Fort Kochi is a hub for all sort of cultural and heritage events that keep the tourists and art lovers constantly engaged. 

Distance: 536 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits: Flickr - Madhu Kannan

Situated about 1,100 mt above sea level, Vagamon is one of the most stunning hill stations in Kerala. The scenic valleys, lush green, the pine forests, tea estates, waterfalls in Vagamon make a massive tourist-favourite spot. The landscape is mostly hilly with lush green carpets for meadows. Vagamon is also home to a large variety of flowers and orchids and a great getaway. 

Distance: 550 Kms from Bangalore

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Netrani Island

Image Credits:

Netrani is one of the small quaint Islands, off the coast of Karnataka. About 19 Kilometers from Murudeshwara, in Bhatkal Taluk, this islands is one of the most beautiful places.The island has scuba diving facilities and is easily accessible from Mangalore, Bangalore, Goa etc. This is a Coral Island with wide varieties of Coral Reefs, eels, shrimps etc. If lucky, divers might even spot whale sharks around the island.

Distance: 557 Kms from Bangalore

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Image Credits: Flickr - Mehul Antani

The quaint beach city that has been a perfect getaway with its lovely beach stretch, never fails to make tourists feel at ease. The town in itself has great vibes that both soothes ones mind while still turning out to be a great beach party hub too. Kovalam has three beaches separated by rocky outcroppings in its 17 km coastline. The Lighthouse beach, the Hawa beach and Samudra beach together form the famous crescent of the Kovalam beach.

Distance: 725 Kms from Bangalore

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