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About Vmoksha Technologies Private Limited

Vmoksha Technologies Private Limited is an offshore based, IT outsourcing services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Since its inception in May 2001, Vmoksha has adopted a strategy of rapid organic as well as inorganic growth.
Vmoksha’s growth has been realized through a strong focus on Offshore IT Outsourcing Services and adapting its Flexible Business Model for customers around the globe. The Business strategy has led to the acquisitions of a number of large, prestigious customers. 
Vmoksha has operations in US, Europe and Asia Pacific currently, with offices in Newport Beach, London, Singapore. This has enabled us to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and to deliver cost effective solutions.

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Maps & Directions
2799 & 2800, Srinidhi, Sector-1, 27th Main, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone Number

080 4137 6300



2799 & 2800, Srinidhi, Sector-1, 27th Main, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Recent Activity
Vmoksha Technologies Fri, 21 Apr
Learn why Business Continuity Plan (#BCP) is crucial for a #business.
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Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 17 Apr
Why opt #NodeJS for building #RESTfulAPIS?
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REST (Representational State Transfer) is web standards based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol. A REST Server simply provides access to...
Vmoksha Technologies Fri, 14 Apr
#Vmoksha #DigitalMarketingServices to enhance your #brand awareness. http://ow.ly/C2hV30aPmYa
Vmoksha Technologies Thu, 13 Apr
What are the different #appmonetization models?
App Monetization Facts,Different Monetization Models | Vmoksha
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Vmoksha Technologies Wed, 12 Apr
Benefits of #AffiliateMarketing for #Sales.
How Affiliate Marketing Boost Your Sales? | Vmoksha
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Vmoksha Technologies Tue, 11 Apr
Considerations that help you to achieve successful #SaaSimplementation and management. http://ow.ly/XCLt30aIqlE
Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 10 Apr
From the early beginning of the #ConnectedHome to the #SmartWorld.
A Journey from Smart Devices to Smart World
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Vmoksha Technologies Fri, 07 Apr
Plan, manage and secure your enterprise mobile environment with #Vmoksha #EnterpriseMobilityServices. http://bit.ly/2kWP889
Vmoksha Technologies Thu, 06 Apr
Does your #webdesign meet both your #business needs and user expectations?
Steps for website designing & development | Vmoksha
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Vmoksha Technologies Wed, 05 Apr
Learn how to integrate #apps in #Zapier.
Zapier Superpower App to Automate Workflows | Vmoksha
Zapier is a business automation tool that allows multiple business apps to speak to each other. It is majorly focused on business needs enabling...
Vmoksha Technologies Tue, 04 Apr
How does an #enterprise benefit by moving to the #cloud?
Cloud computing services | Vmoksha
Cloud computing simply focuses on practical arrangements and is a critical promoter of the current computerized economy by empowering driving...
Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 03 Apr
How #healthapp will benefit the in #healthcare delivery.
Benefits of Mobile Apps for Healthcare Providers | Vmoksha
Health and Fitness Application Downloads,Best Treatment with Optimum Care,healthcare mobile apps trends,mobile healthcare applications, use of...
Vmoksha Technologies Fri, 31 Mar
Check out our cost-effective #DigitalMarketingPlans that best fits your #business needs - http://ow.ly/n0Uo30aoPjI
Vmoksha Technologies Thu, 30 Mar
Architecting Serverless Notifications on AWS | Vmoksha
Real-time notification plays an important role in use cases like you need to notify the users when there is an update available for the app or when a
Vmoksha Technologies Tue, 28 Mar
How important is it for a #business to have an #onlinepresence? http://ow.ly/BsXZ30ahX68
Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 27 Mar
Role of #Scorecard in Prioritizing Feature Set & Positioning our #ionhaccp Product among Competitors! http://ow.ly/1fzQ30adwNc
Vmoksha Technologies Fri, 24 Mar
We provide high-quality #applicationmanagementservices to help customers achieve operational excellence. http://ow.ly/x0jn30abv6Y
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