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About Vmoksha Technologies Private Limited

Vmoksha Technologies Private Limited is an offshore based, IT outsourcing services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Since its inception in May 2001, Vmoksha has adopted a strategy of rapid organic as well as inorganic growth.
Vmoksha’s growth has been realized through a strong focus on Offshore IT Outsourcing Services and adapting its Flexible Business Model for customers around the globe. The Business strategy has led to the acquisitions of a number of large, prestigious customers. 
Vmoksha has operations in US, Europe and Asia Pacific currently, with offices in Newport Beach, London, Singapore. This has enabled us to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and to deliver cost effective solutions.

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Maps & Directions
2799 & 2800, Srinidhi, Sector-1, 27th Main, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone Number

080 4137 6300



2799 & 2800, Srinidhi, Sector-1, 27th Main, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Recent Activity
Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 13 Mar
#WomensDay Celebration at #Vmoksha. http://bit.ly/2nv3U4f
Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 13 Mar
Know how #Vmoksha developed #VMbeacon #App on the #Gimbal platform.


Vmoksha Technologies Fri, 10 Mar
We offer #MobileApplicationDevelopmentServices for your #Enterprise, #Social, and #Business needs. http://ow.ly/4ybh309JRVq
Vmoksha Technologies Thu, 09 Mar
How to Run a Profitable #ECommerce #Business? http://ow.ly/CuXi309HF5G
Vmoksha Technologies Wed, 08 Mar
How to #displaylistings that are similar to what users are looking for?
Displaying Listings Similar to Search Results | Vmoksha
Searching for similar things/places based on some parameters is quite normal in the current online world. Therefore, displaying listings that are...
Vmoksha Technologies Tue, 07 Mar
Top 5 Benefits of #RecruitmentProcessOutsourcing. http://ow.ly/OOFd309CJCF
Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 06 Mar
#Informationsecurity requirements. http://ow.ly/UNcM309vTYw
Vmoksha Technologies Fri, 03 Mar
Few of the #technologies we work at #Vmoksha to deliver custom #softwaresolutions. http://bit.ly/29TLQvV
Vmoksha Technologies Thu, 02 Mar
How to write #queries for #Elasticsearch?
Elastic Search Query to Retrieve Records from Elastic Server | Vmoksha
Elastic Search is an open-source search tool that is built on Lucene but natively it is JSON + RESTful. Elastic Search provides a JSON-style domain-specific
Vmoksha Technologies Wed, 01 Mar
Why Choose #Crossplatform #MobileAppDevelopment?


Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 28 Feb
Few drawbacks of #manual and end-to-end #testing.
Enterprises Need to Focus More on Unit Testing, Says Ram Lakshmanan | Vmoksha
Ram Lakshmanan, CEO of Tier1App LLC, San Francisco, says that enterprises need to focus more on unit tests and then end-to-end tests. Recently, Ram visited
Vmoksha Technologies Sun, 27 Feb
#PatchManagement Process. http://bit.ly/2dLn0nd
Vmoksha Technologies Thu, 24 Feb
We Are A Unique Solution To All Your #Business Needs. www.vmokshagroup.com
Vmoksha Technologies Wed, 23 Feb
Details of #API to generate #server side and #client side #dynamicsourcecode.
Source Code Generation using Razor Template Engine for Both Client Side and Server Side | Vmoksha
Automating Source code generation can be surprisingly easy and will reap major benefits. It will help you develop 90% of the APIs for any project in just a
Vmoksha Technologies Tue, 22 Feb
Continuous Integration with #Jenkins.
What is Jenkins? | Vmoksha
During the earlier days of my career at Vmoksha, I have been assigned to set up Jenkins for an Android project development. With a mere knowledge of Java
Vmoksha Technologies Mon, 21 Feb
#Microsoft #Azure - The flexible #cloudcomputing platform. http://bit.ly/2ecx0Cc
Vmoksha Technologies Sun, 20 Feb
Importance of #SEO for #Business.
How Does SEO Help Your Business Grow? | Vmoksha
What is SEO? Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the website content such as keywords, images, and text to optimize their websites for
Vmoksha Technologies Thu, 17 Feb
#Vmoksha #digitalmarketing strategies have the reliability to convert your visitors into qualified #leads. http://bit.ly/2hMWevw
Vmoksha Technologies Wed, 16 Feb
Why #AngularJS is the most preferred tool for #webapplication development? http://bit.ly/2g32sCX
Vmoksha Technologies Tue, 15 Feb
#Mockaroo is the best tool that fits profoundly to address the #applicationdevelopment challenges. http://bit.ly/2fhH5i1
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