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About Vipul Goyal

As one of the popular and most talented Stand-Up comedians in the country, Vipul Goyal is known for his exquisite funny take on life issues. The comedian is known for his clean comedy and his views and perspectives are as simple as talking about social media, politics, dating and even current affairs. His first official tour was a great success. It started in 2016 and went on into 2017, impressing audiences and fans across various parts of India.

Vipul Goyal performs in colleges and also works with corporate events in cities. He is also a well known actor. He plays the main protagonist in one of India’s most successful web series ‘Humorously Yours’. He is also the only comedian, with a show of his own that also has about 50 million views across all social media.

He has been a great inspiration to aspiring Comedians in the country and has given a great deal to the rising comedy industry in India.

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