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About Vachan Chinnappa

Vachan Chinnappa introduced Bangalore to DnB as he stormed the local music scene with his bass heavy music. Before he started Djing, he sang covers for heavy metal bands. After he started spinning people to his beats, he played at some of the best clubs in the country and introduced the Indian party crowd to new elements of dubstep.

According to him Drums and Bass holds a bright future as a genres in India. Even though the style of dubstep is fading out in other countries, the genre is relatively new to Indians.

Credits Vachan Chinnappa

Drums and Bass

Hailing from a small town in South India, the artist had already shocked everyone around him when he decided to take up the road less traveled by joining a hard rock band called Z axis. Singing covers of popular 80s bands, Vachan managed to stay with rock music before shifting his focus on spinning the records.

His choice of genre changed as the audience changed it's preferences of music. Experimenting with different genres like electronic, house, metal, electro-house and finally to drum and bass dubstep, Vachan picked up elements of sound from every genre he tried. He used his music to communicate with the crowds and help them relax.

Credits Vachan Chinnappa

Playing music the crowd liked allowed him to keep his tunes fresh. He introduced Drums and Bass with dubstep to the young Indians who quickly developed a taste for it.

This not only helped him in creating fresh sounds for the average music lover but also garnered a lot of appreciation from some of the biggest clubs in India. 

After extensive research and work that goes into making flawless music, he plays with the belief that he is contributing to the world of music with his productions. For him,finding the right note and raising the pulse of his fans is all that matters.

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