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Welcome to Urban Stampede - Your first REAL run! Urban Stampede is India’s first corporate relay race and running event. Into its 11th year, this flagship race is back to give you your first taste of a proper run. If you’re looking to kick-start your fitness journey then, look no further than Urban Stampede. Our 5k and 10k races are rated by runners to be among the best in Bangalore. The event is intended for new runners to start their fitness journey and have a world-class event to train for and to get Corporate India fit. For many, running begins at Urban Stampede. In the last 11 years, over 27,000 Indians have taken the leap towards a fitter lifestyle with Urban Stampede - A fact that makes us very proud. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first race, how fast you run or how far. What matters is taking that first step towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Take charge of your fitness with Urban Stampede today!