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About Unhurried

The enthusiastic travel company specializes in thematic tours both long and short. With the main aim being embracing the rich culture & tradition of the beautiful city, they make sure the travelers get an experience of a lifetime. The trips also focus on history, myths, briefings on culture and traditions through every trip.

From weekend getaways to heritage centers to city walks, nature walks, photography expeditions and customized family trips, Unhurried aims at providing the best travel stories. These trips also encourage the people of the city to explore the various factors of culture and heritage in the city. The walking tours also uncovers hidden stories and help the people understand the vital role that history has played in building this city.

Short events that as simple as exploring a neighborhood or a food trail lets the travelers unwind and learn through fun activities. Experience the fun authentic flavors of Karnataka with Unhurried. Apart from the customized tours for families and groups, Unhurried also organizes walks & tours every month.

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