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Digital Post Processing Workshop, Bangalore

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 , 9:30AM
Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt. Ltd. , south bangalore
It's a popular truism that processing cannot make a bad picture good. But it's equally true that without tasteful enhancements, a good picture may remain mediocre. Appropriate processing can reveal the hidden beauty of your images and make them shine in flying colours. But processing can also be a labyrinth of jargon and software convolution. And so Toehold presents to you the Digital Post Processing Workshop, which uses Adobe ...
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About Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt. Ltd.

Toehold Travel & Photography Private Limited, a company founded by a young team of professionals who have widely travelled and have achieved acclaimed fame in the field of photography. 

Living out what they believe in, toehold offers some amazing services that literally would mean you are stepping on your toehold as you make your way up your dreams. Toehold is one of the first in India, that lets you rent out equipment for photography!

Now you can skip worrying about not having enough gadgets to experiment and expertise your passion for Photography. Toehold believes that Photography is a way of self expression and caters to the needs that would help the photographer express the best form of ‘self’.

Toehold also organizes Photography workshops that help you gain technical perspectives to your photography work. The workshops focuses on the photographer understanding the equipments and rolling with advancements that would help him work best towards photography.

“Claim your right to great photography”, Toehold says.

Photography tours by Toehold, are well planned and can easily tickle the adventure lover in you. These tours lets you experience the best of travel and photography worlds. Along with being mentored by some of the best photographers during the photography tour, Toehold gives you a wholesome experience of a fun travel and learning process while you are at it.

As if that isn’t enough awesome-ness, Toehold also organizes Kids Camp to let your kids get an early head-start into finding out what travel and photography does to one's’ lifestyle. Kids camps are with an aim of letting kids experience outdoors, connect with nature and also feed a bit of passion towards photography.

Philip Ross, who mentors Kids Camps is known to have a way with the kids. Involving each one of them and introducing them to the uniqueness of Travel and the art of photography. Toehold, during these camps gives kids the best foundation to photography.

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#359, 2nd Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

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#359, 2nd Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

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TOEHOLD Mon, 13 Mar
An epic image of the scape we're set to charter!
Jayanth Sharma
Hello everyone!

Over the last ten days, I have been running up and down the mountains of Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, Chile. It has been an overwhelming experience to explore this area and bring yet another dream destination to the portfolio of TOEHOLD 's photography tours.

It has been a physically taxing trip as one has to walk a few miles up and down hills with all the camera gear in search of the wildlife of #patagonia and more so the Mountain Lion or the Puma. In this frame you can see the Torres Del Paine or the Towers of Paine, with a Guanaco in the foreground. Guanacos are one of the most desired prey species of the elusive cat.

Will I get lucky? Time will tell.

Until I open my treasure chest from Patagonia, you take care!

#chile #patagonia #jayanth_sharma

TOEHOLD Sat, 11 Mar
This brown beauty with its classy, rugged large antlers is yet another heartthrob you will find in the forests of Kabini - the sambar deer. Participants of the January Kabini Wildlife Photography were in fact welcomed by herds of sambars at the very periphery of the forest. Although they are mostly found in herds, this stunning image of a solitary sambar was made by our participant, Santosh Solomon.

Grab your opportunity to go to Kabini to explore and photograph more wildlife this March and April. Sign up for our Kabini Wildlife Photography Tour, The Leopard's Lair now!


#Kabini #Kabini_Photography_Tour #Photogrpahy #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #India #India_Wildlife #South_India_Wildlife #Toehold_Photography_Tours #Karnataka #karnataka_Wildlife #Toehold_Skippers #Toehold_Wildlife_Ohotography_Tours

#The_Leopards_Lair_Photo_Tour #Mammals #Sambar #Wildlife_Safari

TOEHOLD Fri, 10 Mar
The participants of January Kabini Photography Tour had no idea that they would meet a striped feline beauty on the very first safari on the first evening of the Tour. In the 'A' Zone of the Kabini forest, the group was driven to Tiger Tank where other safari vehicles were also found and everyone was anticipating a glimpse of a big cat. However, then all the other vehicles left, our group only went a little ahead on the Power Line Road and that decision of the Skipper proved to be a great one as they got to see this tiger crossing the road. The cat even looked straight at them while walking across the road and offered a great opportunity for such stunning imagery.

Grab your opportunity to go to Kabini to explore and photograph more wildlife this March and April. Sign up for our Kabini Wildlife Photography Tour, The Leopard's Lair now!


#Kabini #Kabini_Photography_Tour #Photogrpahy #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #India #India_Wildlife #South_India_Wildlife #Toehold_Photography_Tours #Karnataka #karnataka_Wildlife #Toehold_Skippers #Toehold_Wildlife_Ohotography_Tours

#The_Leopards_Lair_Photo_Tour #Birds #Birding #Indian_Leopard #Wildlife_Safari

TOEHOLD Thu, 09 Mar
Whether you wish to learn photography or earn from it, and whether you want to explore the world or have your child do it, Toehold's a one-stop shop for all your needs, helping thousands discover the joy of travel and self-expression. Get started with your journey today with our range of best-in-class services; step on your toehold to enjoy the view from the summit.



TOEHOLD Thu, 09 Mar
Stripe-necked mongoose (Herpestes vitticollis)

Great place to see it: Kabini, India:


Try not to turn green with envy when you see this mammal maintaining its rusty-brown furry exterior like its always fresh out of a salon, groomed neatly. Even if you do, were sure you will find yourself charmed and pleased with it when it stands on its hind legs, probably staring right at your camera when you are in the forests of Kabini.

We are talking about the largest of the Asiatic mongooses - the stripe-necked mongoose. This stout-bodied, short-legged mongoose is easily identifiable by the black stripe that runs on both sides of its neck laterally. Its short tail is grey at the base and is mostly black. Although it chiefly prefer forested regions with fresh water bodies, it is also often found in rice fields and swamps. It feeds mainly rodents, frogs, fowl, reptiles, crabs and mouse deer. A subspecies of stripe-necked mongoose has red tint to its fur and looks charming against warm morning and evening light, giving an opportunity for you to make some striking images of it.

Stripe-necked mongoose is found only in southern India and Sri Lanka, which makes it a delightful species to look forward to while on a wildlife safari in the southern Indian forests, and is hence our Animal of the Week!

#Animal_Of_The_Week #India #Wildlife #Photography #Wildlife_Photography #Photography_Tour #Mongoose #Stripe_Necked_Mongoose #Kabini #South_India_Wildlife

TOEHOLD Wed, 08 Mar
Not often does a conversation transcend its worldly purpose to become a space in which you can share your thoughts freely and be yourself. On Women's Day, we bring you Jayasree's story in which a sweeping love for life brims and flows


Ethereal experiences in the wild: Featuring an achiever on Women's Day
On International Women's Day, we feature an accomplished professional who hasn't forgotten what bliss it is to wander in the wild and connect with oneself.
TOEHOLD Wed, 08 Mar
On the last morning safari in February, the participants of The Leopard's Lair Kabini Wildlife Photography Tour watched this bold leopard perched on the tree. The spotted beauty was relaxing for a long time and the participants had a great time photographing him. This image made by S. Jaisimha is a testimony to the boldness of the otherwise elusive leopard.

Grab your opportunity to go to Kabini to explore and photograph more wildlife this March and April. Sign up for our Kabini Wildlife Photography Tour, The Leopard's Lair now!


#Kabini #Kabini_Photography_Tour #Photogrpahy #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #India #India_Wildlife #South_India_Wildlife #Toehold_Photography_Tours #Karnataka #karnataka_Wildlife #Toehold_Skippers #Toehold_Wildlife_Ohotography_Tours

#The_Leopards_Lair_Photo_Tour #Birds #Birding #Indian_Leopard #Wildlife_Safari

TOEHOLD Tue, 07 Mar
On a morning safari in January, little did the participants of the Kabini wildlife Photography Tour know that they would see a rare specimen of a highly endangered species the red-headed vulture. But when the group led by Toehold Skipper Phillip Ross fortuitously encountered this rare bird, one of our Tour participants, Anil Kumar, made this stunning image!

Grab your opportunity to go to Kabini to explore and photograph more wildlife this March and April. Sign up for our Kabini Wildlife Photography Tour, The Leopard's Lair now!


#Kabini #Kabini_Photography_Tour #Photogrpahy #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #India #India_Wildlife #South_India_Wildlife #Toehold_Photography_Tours #Karnataka #karnataka_Wildlife #Toehold_Skippers #Toehold_Wildlife_Ohotography_Tours

#The_Leopards_Lair_Photo_Tour #Birds #Birding #Red_headed_vulture #Wildlife_Safari

TOEHOLD Tue, 07 Mar
Some of the most interesting human experiences can hold you under their spell when external contradictions are internalised completely. In Amboseli, you will find one such ever-adorable contradiction you can live viscerally in Amboseli National Park in Kenya the African elephant.


See and Photograph the Elephants of Amboseli, Kenya - Toehold Blog
Treat yourself to this visual presentation on the elephants of Amboseli, and see why it's such a great place to photograph the amazing animal!
TOEHOLD Mon, 06 Mar
On a beautiful cloudy, cold January morning in the B Zone of the Kabini forest, the participants of The Leopard Lair Kabini Wildlife Photography Tour led by Toehold Skippers Phillip Ross and Harsha Narasimhamurthy drove to a spot where a tiger was known to have appeared earlier that morning.

While they were waiting for the striped cat, this little adorable winged avian creature called 'Indian pitta' appeared and charmed the group with its vibrant colours and springy steps.

While you are ogling at this avian beauty, let us tell you to add to your excitement that the tiger was also seen after a few minutes, and Skipper Harsha says that they were spoilt for choice as they didnt know if the tiger needed more attention or the pitta!

However, our Tour participant Prabhu Venkatraman managed to make pictures of both wild beings, and heres one!

Grab your opportunity to go to Kabini to explore and photograph more wildlife this March and April. Sign up for our Kabini Wildlife Photography Tour, The Leopard's Lair now!


#Kabini #Kabini_Photography_Tour #Photogrpahy #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #India #India_Wildlife #South_India_Wildlife #Toehold_Photography_Tours #Karnataka #karnataka_Wildlife #Toehold_Skippers #Toehold_Wildlife_Ohotography_Tours

#The_Leopards_Lair_Photo_Tour #Birds #Birding #Indian_Pitta #Wildlife_Safari

TOEHOLD Sat, 04 Mar
TOEHOLD shared Jayanth Sharma's photo.
Jayanth Sharma
Well well well!

I moved a few thousand miles down of Ecuador to #chile and even before grabbing a complete 7-8 hour sleep I had to rush to the sub-antarctic region of the country and close to one of the southern most cities of the country to photograph the magnificent King Penguins.

Light drizzle and the Kings on song ended my 14 hour outing and I am rushing to bed to grab 5 hours of sleep before I head to photograph the Magellanic Penguins tomorrow.

In #Patagonia from day after tomorrow to explore one of the worlds most fascinating landscapes and its elusive inhabitant. More to be revealed and shared soon.

TOEHOLD Fri, 03 Mar
What better excuse to proclaim our love for wildlife than on World Wildlife Day? As a species endowed with self-consciousness, as a part of being the tremendous, enduring, randomly-resulted glories of evolution on Earth, how could we ever celebrate other forms of life enough?

While at Toehold we are relentlessly finding excuses to commemorate our enormous love and respect for our fellow beings in the wild, here comes this special day that makes us realise how undemanding and consuming this love is. Its World Wildlife Day, and we cannot help but share with all of you this joy that enriches our very existence along with all of wildlife we observe and make art of, and celebrate everything about them.

Happy World Wildlife Day!

If you haven't already, begin your wildlife exploration with us, at www.toehold.in/phototours

#WorldWildlifeDay #WildlifeDay #Wildlife #ToeholdTours #WildlifeTours #LoveWildlife

TOEHOLD Thu, 02 Mar
Black-and-white colobus (Colobus guereza)

Great place to see it: Lake Naivasha, Kenya, Africa:


Now this style is something you wouldnt get to see on reputed fashion ramps anywhere in the world. This style is indifferent to attention; its only you, all on your own, who have to revel in the reverence you might find bubbling up within you when you see a black-and-white colobus in Kenya.

This old world monkey is herbivorous, feeding mainly on leaves, flowers, fruit and twigs. It is native to Africa. It mainly inhabits higher density riverine forests, primary and secondary forests and wooded grasslands. In this genus of the colobuses, the thumb is a stump, which explains the Greek origin colobus of the name translating to docked. Members of the colobus troop other than the biological mother of an infant take care of the latter when necessary, a phenomenon referred to as allomothering.

Like our previous Animal of the Week (Malabar giant squirrel), the black-and-white colobus too plays a vital role in dispersing seeds in its habitat, through its digestive systems, and for letting messy eating habits amount to some tremendous good, it is our Animal of the Week!

Join our Harvest in the Savannah Kenya Tour for a chance to see this amazing earthling: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/kenya-wildlife-photography-tour.php

#Animal_Of_The_Week #Africa #Kenya #Wildlife #Africa_Wildlife #Kenya_Wildlife #Photography #Wildlife_Photography #Photography_Tour #Squirrel #Colobus #Monkey #Black_and_white_colobus

TOEHOLD Thu, 02 Mar
Rental clients in Pune and Mumbai, rejoice! We've added some exciting brand-new equipment in our Pune store! Hire now and elevate your photography!

Call us toll-free: 1800-1200-901

Email: rentals.pune@toehold.in

Log on: www.toehold.in/rentals/pune

#Rentals #CameraRentals #LensRentals #PuneRentals #ToeholdRentals #NewEquipment

TOEHOLD Mon, 28 Feb
What an amazing bird!
Jayanth Sharma
I am currently in Ecuador on a recce trip figuring out how i could develop a Photography Tour here in the future. Hummingbirds are amazing and compared to Costa Rica a lot more variety in numbers. How ever, the Toucans, Aracaris have been tough to find here as of now but the most bizarre birds I have seen - the Andean Cock of the Rock is a pure pleasure to watch.

Featured in this picture is a male which flaunts a flamboyant crest which almost covers its bill. These birds seem to come to the same spot every morning for a few minutes calling, and perhaps claiming their territories before they venture deeper in to the woods foraging for food.

It was an honour to get so close to this jewel. I thought even though this picture won't go in my portfolio of the best I have, it surely will go as the most interesting species I have observed.

Now if you are a birdwatcher Ecuador is heaven.


#Ecuador #Jayanth_Sharma

TOEHOLD Sun, 27 Feb
Hurry! One more day to go! And... Good luck!
Toehold and Better Photography present Wildlife India Photography Awards (WIPA) 2017. Its time to find that most evocative wildlife photography image youve stored in your digital kit!

WIPA has an open theme across genres and types of wildlife photography. The contest is open until 28 February 2017.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the contest now! Wish you good luck!


#Toehold #Photography #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #Photography_Contest #Photography_Award #Better_Photography

TOEHOLD Thu, 24 Feb
His love for photography began in 2009 and he hasnt looked back ever since.

Anshuman Kumar on Client Corner this week.


New Light on Causes and Effect: Client Corner - Anshuman Kumar
Anshuman Kumar on Client Corner: A simple thought of carrying a DSLR on a family trip to Kerala became the perfect first step of a journey of new light.
TOEHOLD Wed, 23 Feb
Malabar Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica)

Great place to see it: Kabini, India:


When driving in Kabini if you hear a curious furtive sound you cannot attribute to a bird, be sure to look up, for Malabar giant squirrel enchants with its glossy two-toned or sometimes even three-toned colour scheme, as though cloaked by nuances of earth pigments. You might even be overcome to feel its lush and naturally groomed gorgeous tail but alas, it rarely leaves the trees as it dwells in upper canopies.

Referred to as Shekru in Marathi, the Malabar giant squirrel is the state animal of Maharashtra. It constructs nests only in profusely branched tall trees, and is a wary, shy, elusive animal. If you are solitary, youll relate to this squirrel because so is it, except for when breeding time comes calling. When you find yourself in the moist evergreen forests of India, watch out for these charming beings; you might find one adorably hanging from its belly on a tall tree branch, devouring a fruit or hanging upside down to get its share of jackfruit, its two-foot long tail as lovely a thing of vision as can be.

And for playing a significant role in dispersing seeds and thereby shaping the ecosystem of its habitat, its our Animal of the Week!

#Animal_Of_The_Week #India #Wildlife #Photography #Wildlife_Photography #Photography_Tour #Squirrel #Malabar_Giant_Squirrel #India_Giant_Squirrel

TOEHOLD Wed, 23 Feb
A fresh batch of enthusiasts who gained photographic enlightenment from guru Rajiv Shyamsundar at the Art and Science of Photography Workshop in Mumbai following their initiation last weekend.

#LearnPhotography #PhotographyClasses #ToeholdWorkshops #PhotographyWorkshops #ArtAndScienceOfPhotography #BasicsOfPhotography #AdvancedPhotography

TOEHOLD Wed, 23 Feb
Exultant participants of the Costa Rica Bird Photography Tour who've just completed an experience rich in productivity and rich in Toehold moments under the leadership of Jayanth Sharma and Greg Basco.

Highlights included a staggering 101 species of birds, most of which were photographed (and well), prime among them being toucans, macaws, aracari, and the prized resplendent quetzal a whole 10 of them! aside from the primary attraction, the hummingbirds.

To join our 2018 Tour, visit http://www.toehold.in/phototours/costa-rica-wildlife-photography-tour.php

#CostaRica #Americas #Birding #Birds #BirdPhotography #ToeholdTours #PhotographyTours

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