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About Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt. Ltd.

Toehold Travel & Photography Private Limited, a company founded by a young team of professionals who have widely travelled and have achieved acclaimed fame in the field of photography. 

Living out what they believe in, toehold offers some amazing services that literally would mean you are stepping on your toehold as you make your way up your dreams. Toehold is one of the first in India, that lets you rent out equipment for photography!

Now you can skip worrying about not having enough gadgets to experiment and expertise your passion for Photography. Toehold believes that Photography is a way of self expression and caters to the needs that would help the photographer express the best form of ‘self’.

Toehold also organizes Photography workshops that help you gain technical perspectives to your photography work. The workshops focuses on the photographer understanding the equipments and rolling with advancements that would help him work best towards photography.

“Claim your right to great photography”, Toehold says.

Photography tours by Toehold, are well planned and can easily tickle the adventure lover in you. These tours lets you experience the best of travel and photography worlds. Along with being mentored by some of the best photographers during the photography tour, Toehold gives you a wholesome experience of a fun travel and learning process while you are at it.

As if that isn’t enough awesome-ness, Toehold also organizes Kids Camp to let your kids get an early head-start into finding out what travel and photography does to one's’ lifestyle. Kids camps are with an aim of letting kids experience outdoors, connect with nature and also feed a bit of passion towards photography.

Philip Ross, who mentors Kids Camps is known to have a way with the kids. Involving each one of them and introducing them to the uniqueness of Travel and the art of photography. Toehold, during these camps gives kids the best foundation to photography.

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#359, 2nd Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Recent Activity
TOEHOLD Fri, 26 May
The iconic hunting palace that has hosted many a legendary moment houses yet another instant of magic.
Jayanth Sharma
Just back to base after one of the most rewarding Ranthambhore experiences. One day/sighting becomes the heart of every trip and this day was what made the trip a mind blowing one.

We were busy looking at the young female who had made a kill in the Raj Bagh lake who agreed to sit in the open in magical light against the fort background (Will show that next)

Just then a couple of cars saw the T86 jog towards the Hunting Palace. It was close to 9 AM and everyone left that morning. We being on the full day permit, spent a couple of hours in Zone two checking out the mother and cubs. We didn't find them in a good spot to observe which made us rush back to Raj Bagh.

We silently ventured closer to the entrance of the hunting palace when Arrowhead got up and walked inside while the ferocious looking T86 peeped through.

The next few hours were the best part of our trip where they romanced in the middle of the day around the hunting palace. We were privileged to hear the hunk roar multiple times from within the cool balcony he was and also marked his territory.

This was shot when he walked up the palace and spent a few seconds looking at us the only spectators he had for a few hours.

#ranthambhore #toehold #toeholdMoment #Jayanth_Sharma

TOEHOLD Thu, 25 May
Red-and-green macaw (Ara chloropterus)

Great place to see it: Pantanal, Brazil


Also known as the green-winged macaw, the red-and-green macaw is a mostly-red macaw in the Pantanal. With its vibrant mix of red and green and a bit of blue, this bird is one of the main wildlife attractions in this wetland part of Brazil.

The red-and-green macaw is known to mate for life, and the eggs are taken care of by the female in the cavities of large trees. 90 days after hatching, the young ones fledge from the nest. The adult attains a body length of about 37 inches. This macaw is a delightful subject for photography - the conspicuous, iridescent feathers against the backdrop of the forest or the wetlands can render themselves into stunning frames. And its even more strikingly beautiful when it is flying. It is normally found in pairs or flocks of several pairs. The red-and-green macaw feeds mainly on seeds and fruits. In the recent past, there have been population declines of this lovely bird due to capture for pet trade, habitat loss, and also hunting.

The gorgeous red-and-green macaw is the largest macaw of the Ara genus and for its quiet, luminous grace, it is our Animal of the Week.

Sign up to photograph this beautiful bird on our next Pantanal Tour:


#AnimalOfTheWeek #Red_and_greenMacaw #Green_wingedMacaw #Macaw #Birds #Bird #Wildlife #Pantanal #Brazil #BrazilianWildlife #SouthAmerica #ToeholdTours #Animals #Photography #WildlifePhotography #ToeholdWildlifePhotographyTours #ToeholdPhotoTours #SouthAmericanWildlife

TOEHOLD Wed, 24 May
Trip report of a mind-bogglingly productive Tour


#Ranthambhore #TigerTours #Tigers #Toehold #ToeholdTours #TripReports #ToeholdBlog

Ranthambhore April 2017 Full-day Safari Trip Report
50 sightings of 15 individual tigers in five different zones seems like the synopsis of a fairy tale. Yet, those are exactly the numbers the group was left with after the Ranthambhore Full Day Tour!
TOEHOLD Wed, 24 May
Toehold Mentor Rahul Sachdev with the latest batch of photography enthusiasts he trained in Pune on picking the right mode for every situation, making sharp and well exposed images, composing creatively, focusing effectively, and a whole lot more to combine the art and the science of photography to create something enduring.

#Photography #PhotographyClasses #LearnPhotography #PhotographyWorkshops #Toehold #ToeholdWorkshops

TOEHOLD Mon, 22 May
The pre-monsoon showers having hit Kabini in full force and greened the forest to a nicety, it was a veritable pleasure for these participants of the 'Leopard's Lair' Weekend Photography Bootcamp led by Santosh Saligram and Harsha Narasimhamurthy to see and photograph a variety of wildlife in picturesque surroundings. That the Tour was blessed with five sightings of three individual tigers and a leopard was a fitting icing on the cake of plentifulness served by Nature.

#Kabini #Toehold #ToeholdTours #KabiniTours #Wildlife #Photography #PhotographyTours #Tiger #Leopard

TOEHOLD Sat, 20 May
Live from Ranthambhore. Yet another #toeholdMoment
Jayanth Sharma
Temperatures were rising and at some stage it looked like a near half century. We were entering the park after a break at around 1300 hrs. Zone 2 - today in Ranthambhore is hotspot and we didn't even have to think if we had to go elsewhere.

Within minutes of entering the park, we spotted two cars in shade observing this sleeping beauty everyone refers to as Noor. She has three lovely cubs and we set out to look for them after we heard they were in the vicinity. Soon we found them doing nothing more than what mum was doing and we started to open our lunch boxes at 1400. One safari car rushed towards the cubs and remarked that the mother was walking towards us. Huh - we had to stop or rather not start our lunch.

The tigress walked in between cars like she was in a market and went past the cubs. She crossed a dry stream and suddenly changed her body language. She was stalking now and within minutes she started doing what Cheetahs are famous for!

She jumped up on this dam and zipped past us and vanished a top a hill and we lost her in a fraction. Making a guess, we stopped by a dry river bed waiting for her and we got back to our lunch box. Just when we were about to leave, madam walked past us again towards the cubs and entered the woods again to vanish. Loud calls preceded the Tiger and soon the cubs got up hearing mum call them. Let's say it was exactly like the Maggi TV Commercial where mum would make a delicious lunch in two minutes and kids run to the table with their bowls.

By then a plethora of cars assembled for the paparazzi. Since we were the only ones who had seen her walk back towards the cubs, we guessed where she would walk and we almost created a barrier between the tiger and a dozen cars behind us. Without rushing her - we let her cross the road and lead the little ones in to a kill which wasn't visible and she is still on it while am typing this.

Day 1 of Ranthambhore was eventful. Let's see whats in store over the next few days.

#Ranthambhore #Toehold #Jayanth_Sharma

TOEHOLD Sat, 20 May
A tigress for our group this morning on the ongoing 'Leopard's Lair' Kabini Tour!

#Kabini #Tiger #Toehold #ToeholdTours

TOEHOLD Fri, 19 May
A tiger and a leopard usher in the very first safari for our group on the ongoing 'Leopard's Lair' Tour to Kabini! #Kabini #Tiger #Leopard #ToeholdTours #KabiniTours
TOEHOLD Thu, 18 May
Jaguar (Panthera onca)

Great place to see it: Pantanal, Brazil


The worlds third largest feline (after the tiger and the lion) with a giant, robust skull, the big cat thats a skilled tree-climber and is adept at and also enjoys swimming and even hunts for capybara and caiman in water, the mammal with an incredibly powerful bite that can drag and pulverize the heaviest of its prey, whose rosettes are larger than those of the leopard but whose behaviour is closer to that of the tiger, the cat thats also extremely elusive, the jaguar is a majestic wild beauty you want to see in the Brazilian Pantanal.

The female jaguar provides all the parenting the cub needs and doesnt tolerate the males presence after she gives birth, fearing infanticide. Outside this motherhood spell, the phantom is rather a solitary being. This well-muscled beauty can take any terrestrial or riparian for prey.

This phantom in the wetlands of the Pantanal, with all its intoxicating felinity, will demand your reverence and why wouldnt you shower this massive mammal with all your love and awe? Its matchless elegance has inspired many of modern mans creations, from bathroom fittings to luxury cars! And for its regality and the exultation it can bestow upon its onlookers, the jaguar, which is called the tiger of the Americas, is our Animal of the Week.

#AnimalOfTheWeek #Jaguar #BigCat #Panthera #Mammals #Wildlife #Pantanal #Brazil #BrazilianWildlife #SouthAmerica #ToeholdTours #Animals #Photography #WildlifePhotography #ToeholdWildlifePhotographyTours #ToeholdPhotoTours #SouthAmericanWildlife

TOEHOLD Tue, 16 May
TOEHOLD added 2 new photos to the album: Photography Tours.
TOEHOLD Thu, 11 May
Giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)

Great place to see it: Pantanal, Brazil


This unusually charming terrestrial creature mainly inhabits the forests and savannas of South America. This solitary mammal, with its elongated tube-shaped snout and a tongue that it can extend to a length greater than its head, can effortlessly raid and tear open ant and termite mounds using its large, curved foreclaws. Say hello to giant anteater this week.

Also known as the antbear, the giant anteater has dense and long brown fur covering its body. It has poor eyesight but its sense of smell is excellent which it uses for defense, foraging and feeding. Although it has a long snout and an even longer a tongue, it is toothless. The tongue of the giant anteater has thousands of tiny hooks called filiform papillae. These hooks help the mammal hold the insects together with large amounts of its saliva. The tongue moves very fast, flicking about 150 times per minute. Fertilisation in this species happens, similar to some species of lizards, by contact transfer without intromission.

The anteater usually spends about a minute at an ant or a termite nest before moving on to the next one - and visits up to 200 nests to feed on thousands of insects to satisfy its caloric requirements, which is why it is our Animal of the Week!

#AnimalOfTheWeek #GiantAnteater #Mammals #Wildlife #Pantanal #Brazil #SouthAmerica #ToeholdTours #Animals #Photography #WildlifePhotography #ToeholdWildlifePhotographyTours #ToeholdPhotoTours #SouthAmericanWildlife

TOEHOLD Mon, 08 May
Seven years of being a pioneer, an incessant innovator in bringing the best of travel and photography opportunities to your frontyard... While we look forward to a more glorious future, here's a glimpse into our seventh anniversary celebration night.


TOEHOLD Mon, 08 May
The latest batch of photography enthusiasts who gained an advanced initiation into the art and science of photography from Mentor Rajiv Shyamsundar in Bengaluru. Tapping into Rajivs treasure-trove of knowledge, they learned a wealth of essential tips and techniques to make their art of making images rewarding.

#Toehold_Photography_Workshops #Toehold_Workshops #Toehold_Mentors #Toehold_Photography_Mentors #Art_and_Science_of_Photography_Workshop #Photography_Workshops #Photography_Workshops_Bengaluru

TOEHOLD Fri, 05 May
TOEHOLD added 2 new photos to the album: Photography Tours.
TOEHOLD Thu, 04 May
Topi (Damaliscus lunatus jimela)

Great place to see it: Kenya



Found in the semi-deserts, grasslands, savannas, and floodplains of Africa, topi is a subspecies of antelopes you dont want to miss seeing and photographing this year! When the world is a gold-brown haze, behold this beauty in its natural habitat basking in its own unconscious glory.

With its elongated muzzle and flexible lips, the topi is a selective feeder that prefers the freshest plants in the biomes it inhabits. To look at, this reddish-brown beauty is charming with its ringed horns, its dark purple patches on its upper legs, its mask-like dark pigmentation on its face, and its hump at the base of the neck. Topi joins zebras, wildebeests and gazelles in the Great Migration. It is hunted by lions, spotted hyenas and jackals. Population of topi is isolated due to increasing human hunting and habitat destruction. The front legs of the topi have hoof glands, and when pressed, it is known to reach speeds more than 80 km/h, making it one of the fastest antelopes found in Africa.

Topi is also known to have what is possibly the most diverse social organization amongst all the antelopes, which is why it is our Animal of the Week!

#AnimalOfTheWeek #Topi #Antelopes #Antelope #Mammals #Wildlife #Kenya #Africa #ToeholdTours #Animals #Photography #WildlifePhotography #ToeholdWildlifePhotographyTours #ToeholdPhotoTours #AfricanWildlife

TOEHOLD Wed, 03 May
On the occasion of our seventh anniversary, we asked our clients to share some of the most special experiences they were able to seize into stunning frames.

Here's what churned out - a photo montage, a thing of beauty!


#Toehold #ToeholdTurnsSeven #Toehold7thAnniversary #Milestones #PhotographyTours #EquipmentRentals #ClientSpeak


Seven Years of Enabling Photographic Excellence: A Retrospect through Client Images
On the occasion of our seventh anniversary, we asked some of our clients to share some of the most special experiences they were able to seize into stunning ...
TOEHOLD Tue, 02 May
A great opportunity to spend three full days with Tigers and Jayanth Sharma in Ranthambhore this May. Just announced!

Check out!

Jayanth Sharma
I will be hosting a Dawn to Dusk -Tiger Photography Tour to the magical Ranthambhore later this month. Blistering heat - but stripes galore!

Two more spots available.


TOEHOLD Tue, 02 May
As a part of our seventh anniversary celebrations, here's a poetic synopsis of everything we've done in the last seven years; and how, since inception, we've been Your Toehold.


#ToeholdTurnsSeven #SoaringAt7 #ToeholdSeventhAnniversary #Toehold #PhotographyTours #EquipmentRentals

Your Toehold
Mountains of joy we have scaled in the face of infinite beauty our craze to create a scrawl of curiosity on a canvas vast a note resonating in a verse eterna...
TOEHOLD Fri, 28 Apr
Just launched: the 'Rainforest Revelation' Photography Tour to Borneo!

Join now: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/borneo-wildlife-photography-tour.php

#Toehold #PhotographyTours #NewTours #ToeholdTours #Borneo #BorneoTours #Travel #Photography #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Rainforest

Rainforest Revelation
In the world's oldest rainforest with top photographer Sachin Rai, feel timelessness and experience bewitchment. Be taken over by Borneo.
TOEHOLD Fri, 28 Apr
On the occasion of our seventh anniversary, we asked some of our clients what we've meant to them. Their answers were very touching!



#Toehold #ToeholdTurnsSeven #Toehold7thAnniversary #Milestones #PhotographyTours #EquipmentRentals #ClientSpeak

What Toehold Means to Our Clients
On the occasion of our seventh anniversary, we asked some of our clients what Toehold meant to them. What they said is very touching. Begin your journey at w...
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