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About Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt. Ltd.

Toehold Travel & Photography Private Limited, a company founded by a young team of professionals who have widely travelled and have achieved acclaimed fame in the field of photography. 

Living out what they believe in, toehold offers some amazing services that literally would mean you are stepping on your toehold as you make your way up your dreams. Toehold is one of the first in India, that lets you rent out equipment for photography!

Now you can skip worrying about not having enough gadgets to experiment and expertise your passion for Photography. Toehold believes that Photography is a way of self expression and caters to the needs that would help the photographer express the best form of ‘self’.

Toehold also organizes Photography workshops that help you gain technical perspectives to your photography work. The workshops focuses on the photographer understanding the equipments and rolling with advancements that would help him work best towards photography.

“Claim your right to great photography”, Toehold says.

Photography tours by Toehold, are well planned and can easily tickle the adventure lover in you. These tours lets you experience the best of travel and photography worlds. Along with being mentored by some of the best photographers during the photography tour, Toehold gives you a wholesome experience of a fun travel and learning process while you are at it.

As if that isn’t enough awesome-ness, Toehold also organizes Kids Camp to let your kids get an early head-start into finding out what travel and photography does to one's’ lifestyle. Kids camps are with an aim of letting kids experience outdoors, connect with nature and also feed a bit of passion towards photography.

Philip Ross, who mentors Kids Camps is known to have a way with the kids. Involving each one of them and introducing them to the uniqueness of Travel and the art of photography. Toehold, during these camps gives kids the best foundation to photography.

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#359, 2nd Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

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#359, 2nd Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Recent Activity
TOEHOLD Sat, 22 Apr
We have written love letters to the Earth, we have revered her, eulogised her every time wed had a chance to, written odes to her pages after pages. But we cannot ever do enough of that.

And when a day such as this comes, when people across the world come together to celebrate her like we must do every single day, how can we not add our verse to this song of the day dedicated to the Earth?

Hence this blogpost! Happy Earth Day!


Celebrating the Beauty of 'The Pale Blue Dot': Happy Earth Day!
On Earth Day, we celebrate all the attempts made by anyone who travels to see as much of this blue-green planet as they can.
TOEHOLD Thu, 20 Apr
Malabar pit viper (Trimeresurus malabaricus)

Great place to see it: Amboli in Maharashtra, India


Also known as the Malabar rock pit viper and rock viper, the Malabar pit viper is endemic to the southwestern part of India. You will only know by being in its presence a few feet away just how photogenic this stunning snake is, and probably the jittery fact that it is venomous will also fade away as you might get to capture this beauty before it slithers away from your vision.

The spectacular scales and pattern of this rock viper make for breathtaking portraits and close-up shots too. Different colour morphs such as green, brown and yellow are known to exist in the southern and western Indian forests - both evergreen and deciduous. In the moist forests, the pit viper can dwell in shrubs, on low vegetation and on ground. While the pit viper is nocturnal, it can be found basking by streams or on rocks or trees inactively during the day, which means when you come across one even in the day, you might get some enchanting pictures of it in its habitat. It feeds mainly on geckos, tree frogs and musk shrews among other small animals.

The hole in its face, referred to as pit organs, can detect infrared radiation from warm bodies with the help of a membrane. This way, this nocturnal pit viper can, what we call see, even in the dark, which is why it is our Animal of the Week!

#AnimalOfTheWeek #MalabarPitViper #RockViper #MalabarRockPitViper #WesternGhats #Snakes #Animals #Wildlife #India #Amboli #ToeholdTours #Photography #WildlifePhotography #ToeholdWildlifePhotographyTours #ToeholdPhotoTours #IndianWildlife

TOEHOLD Wed, 19 Apr
One last spot on the Sunday-Tuesday Kabini Photo Tour led by Jayanth Sharma.
Jayanth Sharma
There's gonna be a rare sighting this weekend in Kabini. Not a Leopard, or a Black Panther, and not even a Tiger am talking about, but it is yours truly.

:) Jokes apart - I am leading two photo tours back to back. The Fri-sat-sunday tour is full a while ago and the second batch which is a Sunday-Monday-Tuesday batch has two spots. (Yes Sunday Checkin and Tuesday Check out)

I know it's a last minute notice :) but we hadn't planned the second batch, and since the first batch filled in a flash, the second one evolved. So who are the last two who are going to show me the Leopard and Tiger?

Buzz me ASAP it's just 4 days to go.

#kabini #Jayanth_Sharma #Black_panther #Toehold

TOEHOLD Tue, 18 Apr
There is nothing more joyous for us than living those moments when the purpose behind our action is realised.

We're chuffed to share that Mr Sanjay Hiraskar, a participant of our previous Costa Rica Tour, has been featured in a reputed Marathi magazine.

On the Tour, led by Toehold Skippers Jayanth Sharma and Gregory Basco, Mr Hiraskar made some vibrant images of the spectacular wildlife inhabiting the rainforests there, capturing the majestic king vulture, the elegant quetzal, the breathtaking aracari, and the ever-adorable humming birds among other wild creatures in evocative frames, which have been featured in the story.

Mr. Hiraskar mentions how Toehold Skippers helped him use camera equipment and settings he had never used before and how this continual support from the experts helped him make some stunning portraits of the wildlife of Costa Rica. He enjoyed not only the flying wonders into colourful frames but also every step of his very journey, which he explains in the article with keen attention to detail.

We congratulate Mr Hiraskar for this feat and wish him more rewarding journeys in the future.

To join our next year's Costa Rica Tour, visit http://www.toehold.in/phototours/costa-rica-wildlife-photography-tour.php

#ClientPublications #ClientRecognition #ToeholdPatrons #Toehold #ToeholdTours #CostaRica #PhotoTours

TOEHOLD Fri, 14 Apr
A moment from our recently-concluded Ranthambhore Tour!
Sachin Rai Photography
This courting young tiger couple, T91 and T84 have taken over a hauntingly beautiful territory in Ranthambhore - the ruins of a hunting palace that is believed to be around 800 years old.

The male slept on the verandah of the palace, occasionally getting up to look across the lake before going back to enjoying his siesta. The female joined him a couple of hours later, walked upto him, cajoled him to get up and mate with her. It was ironic to see the tigers courting at the doorstep of a structure which was meant to hunt this royal animal at one point.

Photographed on 8th April 2017

TOEHOLD Thu, 13 Apr
Kori bustard (Ardeotis kori)

Great place to see it: Kenya




Native to Africa, this charming creature is a ground-dwelling, opportunistic omnivorous bird. Generally found in open grassy areas that are usually characterised by sandy soil like the Kalahari sands the kori bustard is also found in lightly-wooded savannahs, arid plateaus and scrub, plains and semi deserts.

Mostly brown and grey adorning its body, it also has fine black-and-white patterns. It has loose feathers around its neck, which makes that part look thicker than it actually is. Because the kori bustard needs a lot of space to take off and fly, it is not a bird to be found in forested or highly-wooded regions. It feeds in the morning and in the evening, and the rest of the day, as adorable as this could sound - it is found standing still in any available shade. The kori bustard is known to be a silent bird, making a loud growling bark only when alarmed. The male inflates its gular pouch to form a white throat balloon during display, puffing out their frontal neck feathers that are spread upwards, making it a delight to watch.

The kori bustard holds a record to its name (which it is blissfully unaware of!), of being the planets heaviest living animal capable of flight, even though it spends about 70% of its time on foot, which is why it is our Animal of the Week!

Sign up for a chance to see the kori bustard in its natural habitat now!


#AnimalOfTheWeek #KoriBustard #Birds #Wildlife #Kenya #Africa #ToeholdTours #Animals #Photography #WildlifePhotography #ToeholdWildlifePhotographyTours #ToeholdPhotoTours #AfricanWildlife

TOEHOLD Mon, 10 Apr
Participants of the Art and Science of Photography Workshop are a picture of contentment after the Art and Science of Photography Workshop in Bangalore last weekend with Mentor Santosh Saligram. Aided by this foundational experience, it is hoped that they will go on to soar to great heights of imaging excellence.

#ToeholdWorkshops #PhotographyWorkshops #PhotographyClasses #LearnPhotography #ArtAndScienceOfPhotography #Workshops

TOEHOLD Fri, 07 Apr
TOEHOLD shared Sachin Rai Photography's photo.
Sachin Rai Photography
Saw T34 taking a stroll and marking his territory yesterday morning in Ranthambore, India. Shot on iPhone 6s
TOEHOLD Thu, 06 Apr
Red junglefowl (Gallus gallus)

Great place to see it: Bandhavgarh


Known to have first domesticated at least five thousand years ago in Asia, the red junglefowl is mainly found in India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. But all across the world, its domesticated form is used as a major source of meat and eggs. And if you are an Indian, how can you not recall the blood sport between two roosters - cockfights - featured in folktales and even movies?

The handsome male rooster, with all its fiery-hued plumes and a dashing red wattles on its head, is well-known for its call, cock-a-doodle-doo, during mating season, which is also referred to as crowing. The eggs and offsprings are nurtured only by the female. The red junglefowl is omnivorous, feeding mainly on insects, fruits and seeds. Flight of this avian creature is limited only to reaching their roosting places in trees. Today, purebred red junglefowl is known to be facing a grave danger of extinction due to hybridisation at the edge of forests, especially where domesticated free ranging chickens have become increasingly common.

While the male wins all the points for its charming colours and handsomeness, the female is capable of being cryptic with its plumage and is adapted for camouflage as well, which is why red junglefowl is our Animal of the Week!

Join our Bandhavgarh Photography Tour to see this beautiful bird: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/bandhavgarh-tiger-photography-tour.php

#AnimalOfTheWeek #RedJunglefowl #Rooster #Animals #Wildlife #India #Bandhavgarh #ToeholdTours #Birds #Photography #WildlifePhotography #ToeholdWildlifePhotographyTours #ToeholdPhotoTours #IndianWildlife

TOEHOLD Thu, 06 Apr
Live from our ongoing Ranthambhore Tour!
Sachin Rai Photography
Two safari down and we have seen 6 tigers till now. This was photographed yesterday evening with iPhone :)

Join us for our next photography tour to Ranthambhore in June


TOEHOLD Thu, 06 Apr
Participants of the Art and Science of Photography Workshop in Pune last weekend with Mentor Rajiv Shyamsundar, who laid a sound foundation for them in image-making.

#Photography #LearnPhotography #PhotographyClasses #PhotographyWorkshops #ToeholdWorkshops #Toehold

TOEHOLD Wed, 05 Apr
When the mundane makes you crave for colour, when you must foray into where your sense of adventure takes you, here are the top four reasons why that place should be Ranthambhore.


Top Four Reasons You Should Visit Ranthambhore This Summer
When you must foray into where your sense of adventure takes you, here are the top four reasons why you should go to Ranthambhore.
TOEHOLD Fri, 31 Mar
Nilgiri langur (Trachypithecus johnii)

Great place to see it: Anaimalai, Tamil Nadu, India


Not only do its bodys glossy black fur and its heads golden-brown fur make the Nilgiri langur a delight to watch, but also the fact that it is found only in some parts of the Western Ghats and hilly areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala makes this mammal something to look out for when you are in Anaimalai this September.

The Nilgiri langur is classified as a vulnerable species. It is hunted for many reasons, including its skin thats used to make drums; some parts of its body are used as meat as well as whats considered traditional medicine. Other threats include habitat loss because of human settlement, mining, crop plantation, building of dams, fragmentation; deliberate fires; road kills and local trade for pets. Some natural causes include landslides, flooding and storms.

The Nilgiri langur is arboreal, and mainly folivorous, but it is also known to consume seeds, insects, buds and flowers, bark, and stem. And for being good a disperser of seeds and for its colonising ability, the Nilgiri langur is our Animal of the Week!

#AnimalOfTheWeek #NilgiriLangur #Animals #Wildlife #India #ToeholdTours #ToeholdPhotographyTours #Mammals #Photography #WildlifePhotography #IndianWildlife

TOEHOLD Tue, 28 Mar
TOEHOLD shared Jayanth Sharma's photo.
Jayanth Sharma
Until recently photographing the Mountain Lion (Puma) in the wild seemed like an impossible task. But some smart ways in Patagonia has taught us how to do this like every where else where elusive wildlife is found (Snow Leopards, Siberian Tiger etc)

But this particular individual tested our endurance by constantly moving up and down the rocky out crops of the valley. Some times he would vanish in between rocks and emerge from some where else and some times he was predictable and we could anticipate where we may spot him.

Over all, I would think this is the best experience I had watching wild puma in #Patagonia. You can see how high he is from the valley and sometimes from the road where we parked, it was easily a 1000 meter climb and a few kilometers walk over all.

TOEHOLD Tue, 28 Mar
Photographs of our Workshops
TOEHOLD Mon, 27 Mar
Be there!
Better Photography magazine
4 days to go for the Wildlife India Forum 2017... featuring the exciting line up of Dhritiman Mukherjee, Jayanth Sharma, Nayan Khanolkar, Rathika Ramasamy Photography, Sandesh Kadur photography and Feisal Malik.

Register now!

The Wildlife India Forum is presented by TOEHOLD & Panasonic India in association with HP India and MagicalKenya

TOEHOLD Mon, 27 Mar
Still stuck in the auto mode of your DSLR? You must read this then!


#AutoMode #DSLR #Camera #Photography #ToeholdBlog #ToeholdWorkshops

Why You Should Get Out of the Auto Mode in Your DSLR Now!
If you have a DSLR but aren't happy with your pictures, it could be because you're stuck in the auto mode. Here's why you should get out of it right now.
TOEHOLD Sat, 25 Mar
Utter coolness has been exuded and captured in this image.
Sachin Rai Photography
This was photographed on our first safari during our Big Cat Week tour in May 2016. This leopard was raising two subadult cubs whom we were lucky to see every single day of our trip last year. They gave us some incredible opportunities through out the week. She is now raising another litter of two young cubs and I hope to see them this year in May again.

Join us on our Big Cat Week tour this summer


TOEHOLD Fri, 24 Mar
Just announced: On popular demand, a third batch of the Ranthambhore Full Day Tour. Sign up now! http://www.toehold.in/phototours/ranthambhore-full-day-tiger-photography-tour.php

#Ranthambhore #Tigers #TigerPhotography #TigerTours #RanthambhoreFullDay #TigerSolstice #Toehold #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #PhotographyTours #ToeholdTours #India #Rajasthan

Tiger Solstice
Seeing tigers is moving enough but spending an entire day in their pursuit is surreal. Enter to experience the ethereal.
TOEHOLD Thu, 23 Mar
The rolling plains of the Serengeti stretch afar behind the ecstatic group of participants of the 'Wonders of the Endless Plains' Tanzania Photography Tour with Skipper Sachin Rai and a guest giraffe (in the background), a spellbinding experience that left them reeling under the delight of an astounding 76 lions, 2 leopards, 11 cheetahs, 4 servals, 3 wild cats, 130 species of birds and a breathtaking array of other wildlife!

#Tanzania #ToeholdTours #PhotographyTours #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Photography #Serengeti #Africa #AfricanWildlife #Travel #Toehold

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