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About Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt. Ltd.

Toehold Travel & Photography Private Limited, a company founded by a young team of professionals who have widely travelled and have achieved acclaimed fame in the field of photography. 

Living out what they believe in, toehold offers some amazing services that literally would mean you are stepping on your toehold as you make your way up your dreams. Toehold is one of the first in India, that lets you rent out equipment for photography!

Now you can skip worrying about not having enough gadgets to experiment and expertise your passion for Photography. Toehold believes that Photography is a way of self expression and caters to the needs that would help the photographer express the best form of ‘self’.

Toehold also organizes Photography workshops that help you gain technical perspectives to your photography work. The workshops focuses on the photographer understanding the equipments and rolling with advancements that would help him work best towards photography.

“Claim your right to great photography”, Toehold says.

Photography tours by Toehold, are well planned and can easily tickle the adventure lover in you. These tours lets you experience the best of travel and photography worlds. Along with being mentored by some of the best photographers during the photography tour, Toehold gives you a wholesome experience of a fun travel and learning process while you are at it.

As if that isn’t enough awesome-ness, Toehold also organizes Kids Camp to let your kids get an early head-start into finding out what travel and photography does to one's’ lifestyle. Kids camps are with an aim of letting kids experience outdoors, connect with nature and also feed a bit of passion towards photography.

Philip Ross, who mentors Kids Camps is known to have a way with the kids. Involving each one of them and introducing them to the uniqueness of Travel and the art of photography. Toehold, during these camps gives kids the best foundation to photography.

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#359, 2nd Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

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#359, 2nd Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Recent Activity
TOEHOLD Tue, 22 Feb
Kabini has been a consistently productive wildlife Photo Tour and the sightings in the depths of its nuanced green forests and meditative backwaters have been dramatic and exhilarating in every sense of the words.


Kabini February 2017 Wildlife Photography Trip Report
In February, the participants of The Leopards Lair Kabini Photography Tour had a great time watching and making memorable images of animals in the wild.
TOEHOLD Wed, 16 Feb
Lechwe (Kobus leche)

Great place to see it: Botswana, Africa:


Inhabiting the floodplains bordering swamps and marshes of Botswana, Zambia, Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo, the lechwe ranks second among the most aquatic African antelopes. It is known to form leks, or breeding arenas, with a high population density.

The white hue on a lechwes belly gradually turns into a gentle golden-brown on its body, like a bright afternoon morphing into a golden evening, and the furry coat is greasy and water-repellent. This medium-sized antelope has a sturdy, handsome body, with its hindquarters noticeably higher than its forequarters. Because a lechwe has to run for cover in marshy areas if a predator appears, its hooves are aptly designed to suit its wet and soggy habitat, with a distinct elongation. The male lechwe has an almost lyre-shaped pair of ridged horns. It enters water to feed on various aquatic grasses - an area less used by any other herbivore for grazing - and as floodwaters recede, it feeds on the grasses that spring up as an aftermath.

This adorable antelope, lechwe, uses knee-deep water as protection from predators; with its legs covered in a water-repellant substance which allows it to run quite fast in knee-deep water, and is hence our Animal of the Week!

#Animal_Of_The_Week #Africa #Wildlife #Photography #Wildlife_Photography #Photography_Tour #Antelope #Lechwe

TOEHOLD Mon, 14 Feb
Another post on Valentine's Day from our Blog.


An Earth Devotee's Love Letter on Valentine's Day - Toehold Blog
On Valentine's Day, here's a touching love letter from an ardent devotee of the planet, to the source of all love and all that's loved to Earth.
TOEHOLD Mon, 14 Feb
Think you have it tough to impress your mate? This Valentines Day, weve compiled a concise guide to the courtship rituals of some fellow mammals to help you think again!


Five Interesting Courtship Rituals to Know about This Valentine's Day!
Read on to know the courtship rituals followed by other animals.
TOEHOLD Sun, 13 Feb
Art and science are two of the dimensions of photography, and these participants of our weekend Workshop in Bangalore received insights on both from Mentor Rajiv Shyamsundar insights critical enough to pave the way for a lifetime of great imaging!

Our next Art and Science Photography Workshop in Bangalore: http://www.toehold.in/photography-workshop-bangalore.php

#BangaloreWorkshop #ToeholdWorkshops #PhotographyWorkshops #BasicAndAdvancedPhotography #Photography #PhotographyClasses #LearnPhotography

TOEHOLD Wed, 09 Feb
Kirk's Dik-dik (Madoqua kirkii)

Great place to see it: Kenya: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/2017/may/kenya-wildlife-photography-tour.php



Found in the bushlands, shrublands and savannahs of Africa, this small antelope is named dik-dik for the alarm call (made by the female), which may alert even the other animals to predators in their vicinity. Its dusty-brown fur helps as camouflage, its hues always in consonance with its surroundings.

While the female dik-dik is larger than the male, the male can make you go awww with this adorable little horn thats most of the time partially concealed by the hair on the crown, an uptight tuft. The black spot at the inside corner of its eyes contains sticky secretion, the preorbital gland, giving the dik-diks countenance more loveliness it can already enchant you with. It is known to insert twigs and grass-stems into this gland while scent-marking its territory. This herbivorous antelope draws water from its food - mostly shoots, fruit, berries and foliage - and this is believed to make drinking unnecessary. While you might be tempted to go near this thing of cuteness and cuddling if and giving peck on its tapered head, you might also want to know that this very feature helps them feed on the leaves between the acacia tree-spines and simultaneously watch out for predators.

Dik-dik is monogamous, and the pairs spend about 64% of their time together. The territorial conflicts between two dik-diks are very rare, and this pacifist antelope is hence our Animal of the Week!

#Animal_Of_The_Week #Kenya #Wildlife #Photography #Wildlife_Photography #Photography_Tour #Africa #Antelope #Dikdik

TOEHOLD Sat, 05 Feb
TOEHOLD shared Jayanth Sharma's photo.
Jayanth Sharma
#Iceland is one of the world's most amazing countries and these days a very popular tourist destination. For Landscape photography enthusiasts it is perhaps one of the top destinations where one can spend a few days and visit many picturesque landscapes and grab high-quality frames.

On our maiden winter trip to Iceland, we had a mix-bag of weather. Some days it rained completely while some days it was magical skies and weather. That's how islands can be - very unpredictable I reckon.

One of the highlights of the trips apart from some Northern light sights were the fantastic Ice caves in the south coast of Iceland. It is always a challenge to get rid of too many people in the frame during the peak winter touristy season but then if you wait you do get your opportunities. I intentionally asked my co-skipper to make his presence felt in the frame to add the sense of scale to this huge ice cave that is formed when the ice melts and rivers flow below them. In the winter the ice doesn't melt as much and is the best time to venture inside.

TOEHOLD Wed, 02 Feb
Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus)

Great place to see it: Bharatpur: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/bharatpur-bird-photography-tour.php

Ranthambhore: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/ranthambhore-tiger-photography-tour.php


The nilgai or blue bull is the largest Asian antelope. Endemic to India and considered sacred, it has been associated with Indian culture ever since the Vedic period. The male is embellished with classic ebony while the female is brown and lacks the horns.

This animal, known to be active by day and quiet almost round the clock, favours woody plants, grasses and herbs on its plate, and because it is capable of reaching high branches, tends to be farther out of reach of vegetation degradation than some other antelopes and deer that subsist chiefly on surface growth, and is also known to survive for long periods without consuming water, even in the hot months.

For being thus a being of spartan needs and its part in Indian mythology and art, the nilgai is our Animal of the Week!

#AnimalOfTheWeek #ToeholdTours #Wildlife #Animals #Nilgai #Antelope #India #IndianWildlife #Ranthambhore #Bharatpur

TOEHOLD Tue, 01 Feb
The story of an incredibly productive Tour!


To join our next Tour, visit: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/kabini-wildlife-photography-tour.php

#ToeholdBlog #TourReports #ToeholdTours #Kabini #KabiniTours

TOEHOLD Sun, 30 Jan
With the destinations on the itinerary Nameri, a birder's paradise; Kaziranga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and Hoolongapar, a precinct home to seven primates, this Tour was bound to be a fest, but the biodiversity the participants (seen here with Skippers Sachin Rai and Santosh Saligram) exceeded all expectations.

With rare beauties including the coveted white-winged duck, wreathed hornbill and Eurasian wryneck besides a hundred other bird species seen in Nameri, an astounding five tigers capping a marvellous list of avian, mammalian and reptilian species, and a precious troop of stump-tailed macaques accompanying the sight of a hoolock gibbon family, the range of sights, photography opportunities and experiences was astounding.

#KazirangaTour #Kaziranga #PhotographyTours #Northeast #Assam #ToeholdTours #BirdingTours #Birding #BirdPhotography #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography

TOEHOLD Sun, 23 Jan
Toehold and Better Photography present Wildlife India Photography Awards (WIPA) 2017. Its time to find that most evocative wildlife photography image youve stored in your digital kit!

WIPA has an open theme across genres and types of wildlife photography. The contest is open until 28 February 2017.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the contest now! Wish you good luck!


#Toehold #Photography #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #Photography_Contest #Photography_Award #Better_Photography

TOEHOLD Sun, 23 Jan
Now that's a happy bunch of people right there! Participants of the January Kabini Photo Tour led by Toehold Skippers Phillip Ross and Harsha Narasimhamurthy had a delightfully productive time both in terms of sighting and photography.

Three tigers were spotted multiple times during the course of the Tour, beginning with the first two safaris, and one on the last safari. Elephants, wild dogs, gaurs, sambars were seen and photographed among other mammals. A sloth bear quenching its thirst at a water hole was a sighting they turned into digital memories. The elusive Indian pitta was also spotted and seized into sizzling pixel-frames.

On the third safari, which was a boat ride on the calm backwaters of Kabini, the group saw about 15 smooth-coated otters, one of which was seen grabbing a fish and walking on the bank and getting into the water again to consume its prey whole. Osprey, a beautifully-perched grey-headed fishing eagle, and huge flocks of bar-headed geese were the next being in the wild to enchant the group.

If this has gotten you excited and you want to treat yourself to such a great experience, sign up now for our next Leopard Lair Photo Tour to Kabini in February, next month! Hurry!


#Toehold #Toehold_Photo_Tours #Photography #Travel #Wildlife #Wildlife_Photography #Kabini #India_Wildlife #South_India_Wildlife #Toehold_Skippers #Tiger #Mammals #Birding

TOEHOLD Sun, 23 Jan
Toehold Workshops are tangible evidence that learning can be great fun. With the exuberant participation of a lively, interactive group, the Bengaluru Digital Post Processing Workshop mentored by Rajiv Shyamsundar was a tremendous success. Were sure theyll do a more wonderful job than even before behind the camera now rather than before it!

To join the next ones in Bengaluru and Mumbai, visit:




#LearnPhotography #PhotographyWorkshops #Workshops #PhotographyClasses #LearnPhotographyInBangalore #DigitalPostProcessingWorkshop #PostProcessing #Photography #ToeholdWorkshops

TOEHOLD Sun, 23 Jan
Not often do you get to blend fun, learning, art and travel all on a weekend. But when you do, you mustnt miss it for the world. And thats exactly what the participants of the Ranganathittu Nature Photography Masterclass did.


Ranganathittu December 2016 Photography Trip Report - Toehold Blog
After learning the basic concepts of photography, the participants of the Ranganathittu Nature Photography Masterclass set out to master the advanced.
TOEHOLD Wed, 19 Jan
Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia)

Great place to see it: Ranganathittu Wildlife Sanctuary: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/ranganathittu-nature-photography-masterclass.php

They are as quiet as the colour that enamours them. And if white is made when all seven colours merge in one other to become one, then maybe this quietude contains in its womb many a story.

With its calm mien, this bird has found itself a place in the expression of art, even as early as the 15th century, in a painting called 'The Garden of Earthly Delights.' The Eurasian spoonbill is comely with its all-white body except for its spoon-shaped bill (hence the name) and its dark legs. Most populations of the spoonbill are migratory, but when they build home for themselves, their nest is usually a platform of twigs, sticks and foliage, which is either constructed on the ground, or on islands in lakes and rivers.

And because of how this winged white beauty can bring serenity to the courtyard of your emotionalism, the Eurasian Spoonbill is our Animal of the Week!


Join our next Nature Photography Masterclass at Ranganathittu to photograph this beautiful bird: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/ranganathittu-nature-photography-masterclass.php

#Spoonbill #AnimalOfTheWeek #Animals #Bird #Birds #Ranganathittu #EurasianSpoonbill

TOEHOLD Tue, 18 Jan
Our idea of a kitty party!
Sachin Rai Photography
A mother cheetah scans the horizon atop a mound while her 4 kittens rest before she walked them for almost 2km looking for prey.

Masai Mara, August 2015

TOEHOLD Mon, 17 Jan
Mentor Jayanth Sharma with the participants of the Art and Science of Photography Workshop in Bangalore, where lessons were passed, secrets imparted, revelations enabled, imagination excited, questions answered, clarity rendered, ideas sparked and a strong foundation in photography built.

With this done, the participants are no longer greenhorns, but freshly graduated vikings commencing their spirited climb towards the peak of imaging excellence!

To join the next one, visit: http://www.toehold.in/photography-workshop-bangalore.php

#LearnPhotography #PhotographyWorkshops #Workshops #PhotographyClasses #LearnPhotographyInBangalore #ToeholdWorkshops

TOEHOLD Sun, 16 Jan
An acute love for the wild and intense anticipation hung in the air as the safari vehicle sauntered around the forest, its engine rumbling like a distant cloud thundering in a vivid dream. Until a round and furry form representing feline beauty peeped out of the thicket 20 feet away.

He was a strikingly handsome male tiger, staring deep into the eyes of everyone who looked at him with reverence and overbearing love.

Anticipating a regal walk, Phillip suggested that the vehicle be moved back, and as if on cue, the tiger obliged, walking at first head-on, and then parallel, and finally before them, as though leading his ardent followers to a wondrous paradise that lay yonder, for nearly two kilometres over as many feverish hours.

This rousing amble also saw him walk on the famous Power Line Road, when this smashing portrait was plucked from the garden of dreams to decorate the room of reality.

Today, the Backwater Male is no more, but he has written on peoples hearts deathless chronicles in an eloquent language of grace, power and generosity.

We have two seats left on the January Kabini Tour, from 20 to 22, led by Phillip himself. Join now to witness such moments of undying magic: http://www.toehold.in/phototours/kabini-wildlife-photography-tour.php

#Kabini #Tiger #Wildlife #KabiniTours #KabiniSafari #TigerPhotography #WildlifePhotography #Photography #VisitKabini #KabiniChronicles

TOEHOLD Sun, 16 Jan
A solid foundation is an essential ingredient of any lofty monument, and this is no different in photography, where the fruition of a desired tower of work must start with the reinforcement of sound fundamentals. And that is exactly what Mentor Rajiv Shyamsundar helped this chirpy bunch of enthusiast beginners achieve over the weekend.

#LearnPhotography #PhotographyClasses #PhotographyWorkshops #Workshops #ToeholdWorkshops

TOEHOLD Thu, 13 Jan
Indian Hog Deer (Hyelaphus porcinus)

Great place to see it: Kaziranga National Park (http://www.toehold.in/phototours/kaziranga-wildlife-photography-tour.php)

That eye-white is delightful, but why the sheepish look, you wonder? How about because if you're already a deer in hog clothing, which is what a hog deer is, and just because you're young, you slip into spotted deer costume to masquerade as something that's sure to confuse the wits out of even the above-average human, a little bit of sheepishness is certainly in order to offset all the mischief!

Called so because of their hog-like stance while on the run, hog deer tend to duck under obstacles rather than jump over them, showing a clean white under their short tail.

For thus showing that theres more than one way to deal with lifes challenges, the hog deer is our Animal of the Week!

Click here to join our upcoming Kaziranga Tour (only two seats left!): http://www.toehold.in/phototours/kaziranga-wildlife-photography-tour.php

#Kaziranga #HogDeer #AnimalOfTheWeek

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