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About Tilt Gastro Lounge

Tilt Gastro is an incredible pub in Bangalore for all ages, a pub to bring in the best in you with its ambiance, food, and drinks. This place is scheduled with a lot of events on a regular basis, like ladies night, live DJ etc.

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Tilt Gastropub has a large crowd visiting in most of the peak hours for the high spirits served by the pub. Mostly visited by the youngsters, college-going students, and ladies, Tilt Gastropub has exciting happy hours offers on a daily basis, this will make you win points that benefit you for your later visits. Most important of all, Tilt Gastropub plays desi music, Bollywood music to invite all to the dance floor. A great place to explore for its dance floor, and the music played at Tilt Gastro is not meant to sit but keeps you grooving.
At Tilt, you will leap on your heel with exciting nights, like Ladies night every Wednesday, Freaky Fridays every Fridays at 8:00 pm. Another distinctive night is Saturday madness every Saturday.
Tilt Gastropub also has had exciting DJ's like DJ Rohit, DJ Oppozit, DJ Esha Das, DJ NY, and DJ Davinci performing live.

Food and Drinks

Food is incredible at Tilt. Finger foods are yum! Best suggested are Nachos, fried foods, Dragon chicken, chilly chicken and some Chinese cuisine.
For a vegetarian must-try dishes are rusty spinach pizza and paneer tikka that has a subtle taste.

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No. 99, Ground Floor, 4th B Cross Road, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
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