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About The Tao Terraces

Located in M.G Road, Tao Terraces is a dine-in restaurant on the 5th floor of 1 MG Road Mall. The decor is indeed pleasing and that lights up the ambiance.

Tao Terraces is a delight for the party lovers. The ambiance will fascinate you for sure. Having so many options in 1 MG Mall, this place is must try out there.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of non-vegetarian foods to choose from. Pork, chicken, prawn, etc are some of them. Good and soothing music is played so that you keep your feet tapping along the with the food and the fun. Open air and bar, open terrace hang-out and pan-Asian cuisine on your plate- stop by this place for more fun than you expect.

Non-veg diversity

If you are planning for Pan-Asian foods you have chosen the right place, Tao  Terraces. If not, do it now! Plus the fact that there is an open terrace and bar. Now don't plan, just start from your place. Soothing music, well-lit ambiance and excellent service will make your day here.

Pricing:  If you are looking for a brunch here, Rs 550 is the approximate cost each day in the afternoon.

Try These Out: Get a taste of Laska Lemak Malaya Soup, Crushed Pepper Chicken with red chillies and the Khau-Swe. These are dishes that might not leave your brain very soon!

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1 MG Mall, MG Road Bangalore India 560008

Recent Activity
The Tao Terraces Mon, 10 Jul
Tao team at the Freedom Park , marching for our rights.


The Tao Terraces Sun, 02 Jul
Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall

- Confucius

The Tao Terraces Fri, 30 Jun
Tao, Looks like something I would see in a dream, everything seems to be just right...

this is such a beautiful night!

#Deep_House_Fridays with dj Gokul tonight

The Tao Terraces Sat, 24 Jun
Tonight: The Tao After Dark with DJ Robby Robby Banner: Signature deep, tech and house vibes all night long on our beautiful outdoor terrace venue. Come dance the night away under the beautiful Bangalore sky. If it rains, we have a cover :)

Gokul Rao Kadam Jules Lobo

The Tao Terraces Fri, 23 Jun
Tonight at The Tao Terraces: Rohan Sable is back tonight at Tao again today under his new avatar: Reclaim.

If it rains - we have a cover.

See you on the dance floor.

Jules LoboGokul Rao Kadam

The Tao Terraces Thu, 22 Jun
Deep House Friday's at Tao with Roan Sable. Catch his amazing tunes on our gorgeous terrace bar.

#Tao_Deep_Nights, #Deep_House_Friday's

The Tao Terraces Sat, 17 Jun
Tonight at Tao:

Signature Deep house + tech tunes from DJ Robby Robby Banner all night long - our our beautiful terrace. Enjoy Bangalore amazing weather and groove the night away in our gorgeous ambience with an amazing crowd and vibe.

Jules Lobo Gokul Rao Kadam

The Tao Terraces Sat, 10 Jun
Tonight at Tao: We have a special edition of the Tao After Dark Saturdays with guest Percussionist Victoria Bourke on the Djembe with Robby BannerDJ Robby on the decks. Our rain roof is now up so drop in for a perfect Saturday night on our lovely terrace in Bangalore's amazing weather!!
The Tao Terraces Fri, 09 Jun
experience Tao's vibes and this gorgeous weather on our covered roof top. #Deep_House_Friday's with dj Gokul tonight!
The Tao Terraces Sat, 03 Jun
Tonight at Tao: DJ Robby Robby Banner plays deep & tech house all night long on our beautiful outdoor terrace. Drop in for some great sounds and amazing vibes
The Tao Terraces Fri, 02 Jun
The most memorable element of dj Gokul's mixes is of course the bass line. The synth strings are what give it that avant-garde experience which is featured a lot . There is a sense of sophistication, style, and romance captured every Friday that somehow tells the story of how great the vibe at Tao is!

#Deep_House_Friday's with dj Gokul

The Tao Terraces Sat, 27 May
The Tao AfterDark with DJ Robby BannerRobby Banner tonight with signature deep house + tech sounds on our wonderful terrace. Dress for the crisp weather and dont let it stop you from grooving out in our beautiful space with an amazing crowd + vibe. Hope to see you there.
The Tao Terraces Fri, 26 May
Tao, the beauty of deep house is the lyrics are deep and meaningful and have a purpose and a place, just like you!

You progress beautifully, never introducing any element too sharply or suddenly, there is no hurry. It is one of these Friday evenings where I can just take a deep breath, let go, and enjoy the moment !

#Deep_House_Friday's with Gokul Rao Kadam

The Tao Terraces Sat, 20 May
Saturday at The Tao Terraces: we have the amazingly eclectic Jasper James at the decks today to groove away your Saturday night on our beautiful terrace. Drop in, take it the amazing ambience and enjoy the amazing music and vibe. Opening set vibes from Robby BannerDJ Robby

Celebrating 1 year Anniv of WAVLNGTH

Gokul Rao KadamAneesha KotwaniPratiksha Nambiar HindujaNamrata SudhindraSameer EbrahimJules Lobo

The Tao Terraces Fri, 19 May
Tao, time will gently pass me by, this evening will spread its sail against the sky, all I need to groove is your vibe, and your sounds deep within my heart!

#Deep_House_Friday's with dj Gokul

The Tao Terraces Sat, 13 May
Tao, you take me to a place you know I want to go .. your rhythm's just so positive and irresistible , that's impossible not to love!

#Tao_After_Dark with dj Adit Achaiah

The Tao Terraces Fri, 12 May
Tao, look at me as I get down to your groove to your magical beat, while we vibe to your rhythm with musical appeal, to those beats to which we dance, as our Friday turns out just the way we planned!

#Deep_House_Friday's with dj Gokul

The Tao Terraces Sat, 06 May
Tonight: The Tao After Dark with DJ Robby Robby Banner: Deep house and tech all night long on our beautiful outdoor terrace. Come dance under the stars and take in the wonderful atmosphere that makes Tao so unique :)
The Tao Terraces Fri, 05 May
Tao, you are lovely like the rain on a summers day, I wait for your vibes everyday... Bright as the sun... streaming your sound into my mind,

I cant describe the way I feel, the words escape me, it so real!

#Deep_House_Friday's with dj Gokul Rao Kadam

The Tao Terraces Sat, 29 Apr
Tonight, the Tao After Dark with DJ RobbyRobby Banner - groove your saturday night away to quality house and tech all night long on our terrace and Bangalore's beautiful weather :