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About The Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory is the pub located in the Le Merdian Hotel in the Vasanth Nagar area of Bangalore. The place is famous for hard rock and live music, dancing and DJ. This is said to be one of the most loved destination for party and dance eccentrics. Most importantly, The Sugar Factory is famous for its dance floor where people groove to the music of the DJs and rock and roll. What makes this place special is the par on the weekends. Drink and dance is the only advice given here! The ambiance will appease you in more than one way since it is excellently decorated and lit. Variety of drinks and range of main course menu and starters- do not worry about your appetite.

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The Sugar Factory is surely listed high on choice for the alcohol and party eccentrics and  its association with the Le Meridian makes it even more special. Hypnotizing ambiance, wide variety of drinks and delicacies adds on to it specialty list. The place is a must visit added the fact that is genuinely priced.

Try These Out: If you really have that appetite left after boozing and dancing, try the finger foods. Besides, the main course and the starters have a variety of dishes to offer.

Pricing: The approximate cost of partying here is Rs 2,000 for two persons and trust me,that is extremely inexpensive given the fact that it is Le Meredian.

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Le Meridien, 28 Sankey Road Bangalore India 560052
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