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About Tennis Classes & Workshops

Tennis is currently one of the popular racket sports that has swept over Internationally attracting a wide range of audiences who keep a constant tab on the sport. The International Tennis Tournaments never fail to make it to the headlines on media.The sport is also widely loved and has a great community of sportsmen approaching the sport as a passion. This in turn gives them an opportunity to pursue the sport as a full time player representing various teams. 

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The sport either involves singles men or women or doubles men or women and even a mixed set. Tennis is also one of the sports on the Olympic Games, with world class players representing their countries. 

Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon are some of the massive tournaments that never fails to catch the attention of the majority of sport lovers at an international level.

Origin of Tennis

The currently practised game of Tennis originated from Birmingham, London during the 19th Century. The sport first began as a fun sport it was also called the ‘Lawn Tennis’. The game picked up here and there from a few other racket sports.

But evidences trace the game back to sometime along the 12th Century along northern France. The incident of a ball stuck in the palms of the player could be where the sport began, according to the historians. This pattern then eventually developed into a racquetball game along the 16th Century, that eventually took shape to be the real Tennis. The term ‘Tennis’ came from the french word ‘Tenez’ which translates to ‘to hold’, ‘to receive’ or ‘to take’ in French. 

The real tennis was still an indoor game that eventually died down by the early 19th Century. The Lawn Tennis then emerged along the 19th Century, making this one of the best forms of sports that was played outdoors on well maintained lawns in London. 

The sport slowly travelled from along London to other parts of Europe. Wimbledon Championship was first played in 1877, attracting a lot of sport lovers. Followed by the US National Men’s Singles Championship, now the US Open in 1881 and then the Women’s Singles in 1887.

The French Open made a massive launch in 1891.and the Australian Open in 1905 became the most prestigious tennis tournaments that swept over internationally, adding more global audiences to the sport. 

Why Tennis Classes & Workshops

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Tennis classes & workshops help the player train with the best coaches to be able to give the best of their performance to the sports

The player is trained both on intensive physical stamina, performance levels as well as being able to achieve better focus while playing.

The player is also trained on the various factors and methods of using shots during the game to their full advantage. 

The player is trained to work with team and to be able to make use of the time provided during a match.

These factors and training may be far from reach if the player is focusing to be a sportsman and not take up these training sessions. Professional trainers and coaches play a vital role in helping the player focus on the goals that are ahead while becoming a sports person.

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