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Fri, 10 Mar 2017 , 5:00PM
StepUp Care , south bangalore
Booklings Juniors is a book club for children who are in the early stage readers. This book club will expose them to different kinds of books appropriate for their age. Children will learn how to make the most out of the books that they reading through activities that help them improve their comprehension, critical thinking and the ability to use what they read. It is essential ...
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Aparna Pratik Dalal
love the way they help these Lil kids to open up ..,very interactive and fun activities oriented
This review was for Booklings Juniors.
love the way they help these Lil kids to open up ..,very interactive and fun activities oriented
This review was for Booklings Juniors.
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About StepUp Care

StepUp is a child care and activity centre for children upto 12 years. We provide quality care in a healthy, safe and fun filled environment.

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#195 A, 12th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034

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#195 A, 12th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034

Recent Activity
StepUp Sun, 13 Feb
Activities after school - children get creative making puppets and enacting the story with the puppets. Ever enthusiastic to try new things:)
StepUp Tue, 08 Feb
Punyakoti - Story Telling session by Mrs Manjula Rao for 4 - 7 year olds on Sat, 11th February
StepUp Mon, 07 Feb
Happy Birthday to our January babies Thaneesh, Samiksha and Akshara. We wish you a great year ahead filled with fun and laughter.
StepUp Wed, 13 Dec
Container Gardening Workshop for beginners - by Honey Bees Nature Club
StepUp Fri, 08 Dec
Artwork inspired by famous artists around the world. Paper marbling by Don Guyot, Scissor art by Henri Matisse and self portrait inspired by Pablo Picasso. Also learning concepts of math and science through art....
StepUp Thu, 07 Dec
Story telling session this weekend.
StepUp Wed, 06 Dec
Happy Birthday Nimit!!
StepUp Sat, 02 Dec
Snapshots from activities in November
StepUp Sat, 28 Oct
October'16 - From Dasara to Diwali - the festive season and loads of other activities in between.
StepUp Thu, 26 Oct
Chess Classes for beginners by Innovators Chess Academy starting from 2nd November.

The Batch is at 5 - 6 pm on Monday & Wednesday

Ages : 6+

Venue: StepUp, Koramangala 4th Block

StepUp Wed, 27 Sep
Few snapshots of the activities this month...
StepUp Mon, 11 Sep
StepUp added 5 new photos.
StepUp Mon, 11 Sep
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations.

Making of eco friendly ganesha to offering pooja. Enjoying the modak made by children and the immersion of the idol, we surely had a great time. Happy Ganesh Chaturti.

StepUp Sun, 03 Sep
We wish you a very happy birthday Atharva!!
StepUp Tue, 29 Aug
This weekend join us to make some Yummy desserts...

Dessert Workshop for 5 to 15 year olds

StepUp Fri, 25 Aug
Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami....
StepUp Sun, 20 Aug
In the first three weeks of August our little champs explored concepts like, In & out and human life cycle. They celebrated Independence day and have also started growing potatoes...... :)
StepUp Thu, 17 Aug
E.T - Space & Beyond. The Astronomy workshop on Sunday, 21st August 11 am.

E.T. will take children through the journey the universe has gone through. They will learn about the various celestial bodies, astronomers who played key roles in understanding the universe, satellites and the search for extra terrestrial life.

StepUp Tue, 15 Aug
"Fun comes along with learning"

As we make sure each child has a great time, we put along some games that builds vocabulary, memory, concentration and determination. Which include games of tower challenge, coin the coin and combination of slogans with our well known freedom fighters.

StepUp Tue, 15 Aug
"Ask not what the country can do for you but what can you do for the country"

Our young Indians dedicatedly making our National Flag by painting/spray painting.

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Stepup Care
Simply Horrible. - Will not recommend even to my enemy. Bad - Not worth my time So-So. Good-some, bad-some. Amusing. Definitely worth attending. Wow, what an experience!
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