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About St. Joseph's College

St. Joseph's College of Commerce (Autonomous), often referred to as SJCC, is a Bangalore University-affiliated college operated by the Jesuits. However, it is autonomous and has an independent examination and recognition system. It is situated in central Bangalore at Brigade Road. St. Joseph's is accredited to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) at the 5-star level, and has been rated one of the top ten Commerce institutions in India for five consecutive years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) by the magazine India Today. Standing apart from other colleges, St. Joseph's has established itself as a platform for aspiring leaders, by providing all-round development. Academics apart, the institution encourages its students to involve themselves in extra-curricular activities, with a whirlwind of opportunities available for collegians throughout the year. The college traces its history to 1882, when the Missions Etrangeres' de Paris established St Joseph's European High School. Its operations were handed to the Jesuits in 1937 and the Department of Commerce created in 1949. In 1972, St. Joseph's College was divided, with its College of Arts and Sciences and its College of Commerce becoming independent, although both remain under the administration of the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society. The students are popularly known as Josephites. St. Joseph's official motto is 'Fide Et Labore', meaning 'Faith and Toil.' History It was the priests of the 'Missions Etrangeres' de Paris' Fathers of French Foreign Mission who founded St Joseph's European High School in Bangalore in 1858. The school imparted High School Education to Europeans and Anglo-Indian Children in English. Founded on the site which now houses St Germain's High School, the School moved to its new premises on Museum Road, in 1898. The Indian Section of the School was instituted under the leadership of Fr Blaise, Principal from 1904 to 1912. The full-fledged St Joseph's Indian High School was shifted from New Fields campus in 1961 and its school building was completed in 1970. St. Joseph's College, Bangalore, was started in 1882 by the French Foreign Missionary Fathers for purpose of imparting higher education.

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