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About Shirley Setia

An Indo-Kiwi Singer, after discovering her passion for singing and music took over YouTube with her astounding voice and mesmerizing melodies. Being a student an a part-time RJ did not really restrict her as she continued to work towards getting better with her new passion.

After four years of never giving up and a 1.1 million subscribers Shirley moved to Mumbai and plunged into her passion full time. Having swept the entire country with waves of her whimsical voice, she is still fondly mentioned to as the ‘Tiny One, With Not So Tiny Dreams’. This indeed stands true as Shirley Setia’s journey to touch the lives of people with her music only seem to get massive. 

With a huge fan base all over the world  she has been becoming one of the most favourite artists of a vibrant generation. Massive stages, the spotlight and holding everyone's attention to just her voice, has been resounding the magnitude of her huge dreams. She was also recognized as India’s YouTube Sensation by the Hindustan Times and also as New Zealand’s biggest International artists by TVNZ.

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