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About Shiamak

Shiamak has a wide range of dance forms that they are bent on reaching out the mass crowds of dance enthusiasts with. As a global dance movement, Shiamak has set great standards for Dance Academies around the world. Shiamak has been recognized as one of the global dance communities across Canada, Australia, India, USA and UAE. 

Living to their motto, ‘Have Feet. Will Dance’, Shiamak has introduced some of the newest and unique dance forms, Indian and Western, along with some of Shiamak’s own styles and fusions. A completely unique blend of Indian Bollywood dance with Jazz, is one of the dance forms that Shiamak offers. One other such fusion dance forms is the ‘Shabop’. This form of dance is Hip Hop fused with some of Shiamak’s signature moves along with a touch of street funk. Shiamak is totally creating a swirl of revolutionary dance, for passionate dancers who love venturing new styles and fusions of dance forms. 

Shiamak has also been  organizing workshops and dance education programmes in schools. These can also be included along with their regular curriculum. Shiamaks’ dance education elaborates on the various dance forms, fundamentals of dance as an art and also certain dance techniques. This will help children at school level understand performing arts and an opportunity to understand their interests and passion apart from academics. The idea is to help anyone with a passion, to be able to reach out to the best standards of Dance as an art. 

Shiamak not only focuses on dance for adults but also for kids too. The Dance Academy that has been involved in the dance industry for about three decades, has also won international awards. The founder of the academy, Shiamak, was awarded a doctorate from the Middlesex University for the contribution he has made to the dance industry, especially with regards to dance education, entertainment and performing arts.

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Richmond Towers (SDIIPL OFFICE), Bangalore. 560025
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