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About Salsa Classes & Workshops

Salsa, a social dance that received most of its influence, styles and moves from the Latin America, is one of the most popular dance forms on a global level. While the dance form has picked its style from latin dances like the Cha-Cha, Mambo and more, the dance form has established its traditional moves and beats that makes the dance form stand out from other forms of Latin Dances. 

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With a quick growth of the dance community, the art has spread through all the major countries and all corners of the world. People keep approaching Salsa as both an entertainment dance and a passion to be able to not just learn but also to be able to master the art. As a social dance, Salsa lets the community of dance lovers bond over a time of Salsa dancing at Salsa Socials. Popularly trending some of the major cities, the Salsa community is only getting better at the art. With artists making time to learn the original form of art from the Latino Salsa dancers, there has been quite a hype with the Salsa trend while the community has also strived to maintain the quality of the dance form, producing some of the best artists in the Salsa dance industry.

Origin of Salsa

Salsa originated in New York, around mid 1970's with most of its influence from the Latin American dance forms like Chacha, Mambo and many more. The term literally means 'mixture', which also denotes the various dance forms that it has managed to adopt its style from. 

Some also believe that 'Salsa' is a term used to market the dance better. while some also believe it came from the word 'salsa' which also means mixture or sauce, in Latin American countries, that consist of a lot of ingredients. 

Types of Salsa

Image Credits: Flickr - COD Newsroom

There are various types of Salsa that has been developed from the original Salsa over the years:

1. Colombian Style - Also known as the 'Cali Style'

2. Salsa Cubana - Cuban Style Salsa or Casino

         Miami Style Casino

         Rueda de Casino 

3. Los Angeles Style Salsa

4. New York Style Salsa

Salsa Classes

Professionals and expert artists precede the dance sessions. It is also important that the learner approaches a Salsa artist who is well versed with the original Salsa style. 

The learner gets to be trained starting with the beginner level style. There are various levels that the learner can pick from.

Group dance sessions are a fun experience to learn and grow together.

The artist is not only trained to dance but also to be able to achieve perfection in the art.

Stage presence and presentation of the art is one of the many qualities that get horned at a Salsa Class.

Performance of the art is also given a great attention when it comes to learning within class sessions andd getting trained by experts.

One can choose to take the lessons at their own pace, however, classes make it a gradual increase in the levels of learning that the learner might not be able to achieve if not for classes and dance sessions.

While mastering the art may not be the ultimate goal, dance lovers tend to get a better chance at learning the best standard of the dance form, even if it is just a hobby. 

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