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About Rupen Paul

A frustrated middle class South Indian who did not do engineering, not because he was too cool to follow the crowd but mainly because he didn't get enough marks. His jokes can find him making fun of the absurdities and oddities of life as experienced by people growing in a middle class homes. He is the winner of the 2014 Comedy Open Mic organized by Big Mic and has performed shows across Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai and Pune.

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When you meet Rupen Paul for the first time, he doesn’t come across as a stand up comedian, In fact, he doesn’t even seem like a stage performer and looks like a shy next door guy kind of person. Its only when he gets on a stage and is handed a mic that you can see the young man cracking the best jokes you’ve ever heard of. Unlike most stand up comics, Rupen Paul is an engineer by qualification but knew he wanted a life in the world of comedy even when he was 18 years old. That was when he came across a video clip of Omid Djalili which inspired him to become what he has today. He hasn’t let go of his day job as an IT professional though.

While pursuing his post graduation, he found the course he had chosen to be what he describes as extremely depressing. Nevertheless he completed his education. Then, he took a u-turn and as imagined, his parents werent too happy with the decision. Too bad because he began using this very subject as content for his comedy scripts.

Rupen Paul talks about failing to keep up with parents expectations, about conversations at home and the kind of topics that every young man and woman in the country can relate to. Don’t feel too sorry for the parents, they love his shows! Over the years, Rupen Paul has performed across the country in most metro cities for a variety of audiences. This incredibly talented comics performances are met with thunderous applauses from the audience. His performances are in English. The best thing is, he never fails to raise the bar, each of his performances are a notch higher than the last one. Comedy is an evolving art, he says “You have to work hard to be at the top of your game, and keep finding ways of being unique in your own style of comedy.” Considering how well he is doing, don’t miss the chance to catch him live.

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