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Upcoming Running Events in Bangalore - 5K, 10K, Half & Full Marathon in Bangalore

Being fit is the new trend. The fitness community grown in number with increased participation in running and marathons in Bangalore. Upcoming Running Events In Bangalore involves all types of run, like the city run, trail run, fun run, social cause run and many more. Nearly every week there are activities planned by running groups in Bangalore. Some of the most anticipated runs are full marathon in Bangalore, half marathon, 10K and 5K marathon in Bangalore. Bangalore marathon events best suited for everyone, be it kids, elders, seasonal runners or newbies.

Marathon in Bangalore - Upcoming Running Events in Bangalore

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Marathon In Bangalore

Bangalore for years has had a rich running culture and is teeming with dedicated runners, amateurs and experts alike, who head out early in the mornings and late in the nights to build strength and stamina as they explore the city on foot. 

While the annual Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon may be the most popular in India, Bangaloreans have no dearth of race opportunities that are held yearly in the garden city. Nearly every week sees activities planned by running groups, small scale runs and large events sponsored by corporates. All these vary in the distances and format they offer - from fun runs to full marathons. So there really is something for everyone, no matter what your skill level.

Bangalore marathons are high on the list of the most anticipated running events in Bangalore.

Full Marathon In Bangalore

A full marathon requires stamina and focus as well as months of practice and training, so it is only suitable for professional runners and those with high fitness levels.

Ideally, you would want to start training at least a year in advance. Start by running small distances and then slowly work your way upwards. There are plenty of running plans online for amateurs as well as regular runners to help you build stamina. Keep in mind that injury is often caused when you work your way up too soon, so it's best to take it slow and don’t rush into competing in long races too quickly.

Some popular full marathons in Bangalore are the Kaveri Trail Marathon, Bangalore Midnight Marathon and the Thump! Celebration Bengaluru.

Half Marathon In Bangalore

A half marathon required runners to run a distance of 21 kilometres. The race requires months of practise and a lot of stamina, so it is only suitable for people with high levels of fitness. However, a healthy person who is capable of building stamina in time for the race may be comfortable running a half marathon.

As mentioned above, running a half marathon needs high fitness levels, so you would want to prepare well. Ideally give yourself a year’s time to prepare for the race if you don’t have a lot of running experience. Besides practicing distance running, you may want to improve your fitness with added exercise and diet.

Popular Half Marathons In Bangalore: Night Trail Run - NTR 2018, Kaveri Trail Marathon and Thump! Celebration Bengaluru.

10K Marathon In Bangalore

A 10K marathon is quite a physically challenging event. It is essential for participants to prepare well. If you are planning on participating in a 10K marathon in Bangalore, it is a good idea to start training a year before the event. Besides getting used to running, you will need to go on a special diet and do added exercises to build stamina and improve fitness.

A 10K marathon race is apt for runners with a high fitness level, those with moderate fitness levels will have to work very hard to be fit for a 10K race. The race is also ideal for endurance runners and walkers who regularly train for and compete in marathons.

Popular 10K Marathons In Bangalore:
Bengaluru Happy Miles Yelahanka and the Womenasia Run.

5K Marathon In Bangalore

he 5K marathon is best suited to novice or infrequent runners and joggers. The race is easier than the ones mentioned above as it covers a relatively short distance.

Since the race is not taxing, a good 5-6 months of daily training and running for about 20 minutes a day should get you fit for the race. Mind you, it is also important to keep a check on your diet; eating the right balance of food can enhance your stamina and running times. Before you start training for any race, consult your doctor and a trainer to gauge your fitness levels.

Popular 5K Marathons In Bangalore: Bengaluru Happy Miles Yelahanka, BeardoThon - Bangalore 2018 and the Christmas Run 2018.

What Is Provided At Marathon Events in Bangalore?

A few common items provided at marathon races in Bangalore are:
- Bibs
- Water
- Energy items such as fruit, energy bars or juice
- Certificate or medal of completion
- Pictures (available for a charge)
- A timing tag to track your race time

How to register for running events in Bangalore

To sign up for any of these events you can book your spot through the EventsHigh website. It is a quick and easy way to register for running events. also gives you all the information you need for upcoming runs and marathons in Bangalore, as well as other events in your city. Booking through EventsHigh takes only a few minutes and the whole process can be done online in the comfort of your home. What’s more, you can make payments for the events on the website through a secure payment gateway. The website also gives you the option of inviting your friends to events.

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