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About Ramanagara

Located at about 50 Kms from the city of Bengaluru, Ramagara rises to an altitude of 2450 ft. To be exact the place is on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, making it quite accessible for people who are looking for a quick getaway from the city. The spot is great for trekking and is also known for its Sericulture.

Image Credits: Flickr - Navaneeth KN

The hill at Ramanagara called Ramadeverabetta has been a picturesque view that has been quite an attraction for photographers and people from the movie industry. This was also made famous by the movie Sholay, with the stunning views the place offers.

Trekking along the various hills near Ramanagara started as early as the 1960’s. With different routes that have been explored by various group of trekkers, the hills have been an easy access and a great place for a quick adventure trek plan by most of the trekkers. 

There are also facilities for night treks available at Ramanagara. The trekkers get to trek from the base to the peak for about an hour or two and camp out for the night. An ideal way to spend the night is a bonfire at the peak. The trekkers also get to witness some spectacular sunrise in the morning and can descend after a two hour trek. 

Many travel companies organize night treks at Ramanagara. Interested trekkers can approach one of the travel companies. Since it is a night trek, it would be best if the group gets to have a trek guide through the trek. Apart from the permits that the trekkers will need the travel companies to rely on, the facilities to camp out for the night or other trekking arrangements would not interrupt the trekkers experience on the trek. 

The trek is an easy level trek and perfect for beginners. To make the trek more fun, bonfire during the night trek adds to it. 

Some of the interesting climbs are on the Wanakkal wall, on the Rainbow wall, on Anna-Thamma and more. The the name Anna-Thama means 'elder-brother-younger-brother' in Kannada. Some of the older bolts are in precarious condition. There is very little Traditional climbing possibilities as the rock is compact.

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