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About Pyramid Valley International

Pyramid Valley is an international meditation centre, that reaches out to individuals, societies and organisations to help them with understanding their potential and also with their quest on spiritual wisdom with the help of meditation and setting the mind on the right path. With a vision that focuses on the idea of "Masters of the world..Unite", by Brahmarshi Patriji, the founder of Pyramid Valley, the organisation focuses on bringing together the most powerful and well known spiritual masters around the world. This has been a practice in order to collaborate the contribution to peace and love that would fill the word to make it a better place. 

The ultimate aim of the centre is to is to spread the knowledge on the importance of science, vegetarianism and the power of Pyramid to as many as possible. They also aim to serve as a common platform to all the world spiritual masters. The centre is located around 30 km from Bengaluru, nestled amidst lush green valleys and rocky hills. Beautiful murals depict on each face of the pyramid depict the elements. The north face depicts air, the south--fire, the west--earth and the east--water elements. The huge space inside the pyramid represents the fifth element.

The centre conducts regular classes and workshops on Science of Meditation and New Age Spirituality, that also helps in carrying out research activities and letting the people know the results of these. They also organise Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, every year, that hosts spiritual masters from across the world under one roof. The centre, set up by Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) can house about 5,000 people on campus. 

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+91 8147093627


Pyramid Valley International, Maitreya-Buddha Vishwalayam Kanakapura Road, Kebbedoddi Village, Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagar Dist Bengaluru, Karnataka 562112 India
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