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About Pebble - The Jungle Lounge

Wear on your party Gears and get set for an utter underground experience...@ Bangalore's very own The Pebble

The Pebble is a jungle safari aka a jungle lounge a part of Palace Grounds.The whole place gives a carnival like feel loads of activities to pick and choose. The music is underground far beyond and above the hip hops brigands. The major crowd puller is the big banyan tree area which is the most revered ADDA and that's where most of the action happens.

If you are a party animal and DJ and electronic music is what rocks you, Pebble The Jungle is your destination. The party animal gets its refuge in the Pebble Jungle with trance music to ears,drinks in hand and party in the jungle

The bar menu is hypnotizing and it will make you come back for for spirits and elixirs frequently. The whole place gives a feel of GOA's psychedelic party brigand.

Several festivals are organized every year to keep the crowd high. Holi Party is one such event organized here.The dance floor and the seating arrangement is also an attractive feature.There are candy shop nights, kitch mandis, head straight before might just win a free vodka or a wine.

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Pebble - The Jungle Lounge #3 Princess Academy, Ramanna Maharishi Road, Palace Grounds Bangalore, Karnataka 560080
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