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About OPUS

When you Google the meaning of 'opus' it says 'a separate composition or set of compositions' and 'an artistic work, especially one on a large scale' . Alright, but do these meaning have anything related to the entertainment venue Opus? Yes, very much. In fact, everything. Opus satnds true to its name. The brainchild of Gina and Carlton Braganza, Opus has very much Goan in its gene! The round the clock musical events is what makes this place a perfect destination for part lovers and music freaks. Live performances are a treat to watch and witness here. Add to that, the ambiance is vibrantly awesome and fantabulous! Let's discuss something about appetite breakers. Apart from the massive buffet that is there on Sundays, Goan foods are a delight here. And very much genuine too! Tasty north Indian and Continental are also served. Visiting this place might be an ordinary affair but leaving this place post-party is surely an extraordinary affair.How can you??!!

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Cool ambiance is one factor due to which we give a high five to Opus. Live performances and music is of course the USP and we too agree on that. Exquisite foods and variety of drinks are also outstanding. 

Pricing: Try the Sunday buffet at just Rs 1200 along with alcohol. And it sounds great keeping in view the delicacy, ambiance and shows there.

Try These Out: Chicken Lollipop  and the prawns, that bacon wrapped one.

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#4, 1st Main, Palace Cross Road, Chakravarty Layout Jayamahal Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005
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