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About Nritarutya - Indian Contemporary Dance Company

As an Indian Contemporary Dance Company, by Mayuri Uapadhaya, Nritarutiya has been changing the idea of Indian Dance and the approach to the various dance forms in India. The name Nritarutiya, literally translates to ‘Dance Tree’.

The dance forms that Nritarutiya trains dancers with, involves as deep as understanding the practice, culture and traditions that has influenced a particular dance. This also brings the dancers in close connect with traditions and essence that the dance brings into the picture and not just a mere performance. With great artists training the various dance teams, Nritarutiya offers professional dance courses and open classes too. They also have dance workshops for kids and also for corporate groups of people. All of these sessions headed by diligent and popular artists in each field who are rooted deep with research and deeper knowledge of the specific dance form. 

With great techniques and innovative blends of Indian dance forms, Nritarutya has been setting Indian Dance lovers passion on a constant focus. A dance company that concentrates on not just a specific form of dance, but also understanding dance as a language that syncs with body awareness, deeper insights and connections to cultural and traditional values too. This kind of new approach to dance has helped the learners understand dance as not just an art, but also as a form of lifestyle. 

Nritarutya is also a proud achiever at a global level. Taking various forms of Indian Dances onto international stages across countries, the teams have made proud Indian culture and traditions. Their performances have been recognised both at a National and International level, at various massive performance art fests. Although winning awards and making Indian dance forms known globally is not a cakewalk, Nritarutya has gracefully danced through the rhythm of Indian beats even in foreign lands.

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+91 99160 72270


#475, 1st floor, 39th ‘C’ cross, 9th Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore – 560 041
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