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About Nivesaa

The name literally translates to ‘Investment’ and that is what the dance academy insists on, for people to invest on the wellness of their own body and mind. The academy is of a group of passionate dancers focusing on creating a difference in the dance industry for passionate dance lovers. Nivesaa believes that dance helps achieve a well and sound body and mind in ways other routines might not be able to help.

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With efficient trainers offering training in various dance forms, Nivesaa specialises with Latin dance forms on a more professional and high authenticity level. Founded by two talented and passionate artists, Sahiba Singh and Aastha Gulati, Nivesaa has been making a great difference in the lives of dance lovers. With a very unique approach of wellness through music and dance, bringing together mind and body, is one of the greatest ways to reach out to different age groups of people. 

Nivesaa lets one choose the form of dance that interests a person, irrespective of the levels of professionalism a person might show. However, training sessions and classes that are overseen by well trained instructors help the trainers achieve perfection on a gradual and healthy pace. 

While still maintaining the authenticity of Latino dance forms like Salsa, Nivesaa also helps the learns to incorporate great ways of making use of these sessions. Basically the sessions and classes focus and emphasises on connecting body and mind, bringing them to a familiar rhythm. This in every way helps body and mind to concentrate on the wellness, apart from just the art form. Thus achieving the ultimate goal that Nivesaa leads the learners towards.

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3366, Shivajoyti Complex, 13th Main, Indiranagar Bangalore India 560038
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