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About Night Trekking

Want to catch the stunning sunrise at the beautiful Garden City? Find the perfect hilly spot, trek up in the night just in time for the first ray of the sun! If you are an adventure junkie, on your way back down you might even encounter an exploration!


The name of the place refers to a perennial spring that is found near the Kashi Vishweshwara temple on the mountain range. This place is a haven for trekkers, adventure seekers. Situated just within 100 Kms from Bangalore, Anthargange is a perfect spot for a night trek. There are various trekking groups around the city. The trek usually begins just in time to catch the sunrise at the top of the peak. On the way back down, the trekkers can explore the number of caves, that the trek is popularly known for. The dense forest at the base of the trail, thins out as you head up the hill. 

Temples and natural springs are the other attractions that Anthargange is known for. Ome of the springs emerges from the crevices and the source is unknown, making this one of the popular springs among the others. The night trek to catch the sunrise in the morning makes for a perfect adventure activity. The Anthargange peak offers a great panoramic view at sunrise

Kunti Betta

The peak at 2882 ft., offers some epic sunrise views after a night trek up Kunti Betta. Just about 125 Kms from Bangalore is one of the most scenic trekking spots. The trek is popular for the night treks groups gather for to explore. Made of 2 hills, Kunti Betta has great folklores and myths that are tied along. A beautiful trail that one might miss on a night trek is also the perfect trails to explore after catching the sunrise at the top of the peak.


What used to be a spot that was used to keep prisoners in, gave the name Savandurga which means fort of death. The peak is one of the most popular night trekking spots near Bangalore. 

The other route leads to the peak, and many rocky caves will be on the trail. There are also four fort walls on the trail as it gets steeper. The last twenty minutes of the trail is steepest part of the hill. Finally the trail ends at the peak with Nandi tower.


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About 80 Kilometers away from the city of Bangalore, Kabbaladurga is among the scenic trekking spots. The place is also known for night treks. The trek up the hill is 3 Kilometers but is also a very interesting climb throughout. Kabbaladurga also has some great view points that show stretches of the other Kanakpura Ranges along the area.


The hill is not really far from Bangalore, it’s about 20 Kilometers from Ramanagara to be precise. The hill also has a Laxmi Narayana temple that the trekkers can explore. There are various travel companies that organize trek along Narayanagiri that will help the trekkers plan out a great itinerary for a night trek. Narayanagiri is also one of the easy to moderate level treks. 


The hill at Ramanagara called Ramadeverabetta has been a picturesque view that has been quite an attraction for photographers and people from the movie industry. This was also made famous by the movie Sholay, with the stunning views the place offers.

There are also facilities for night treks available at Ramanagara. The trekkers get to trek from the base to the peak for about an hour or two and camp out for the night. An ideal way to spend the night is a bonfire at the peak. The trekkers also get to witness some spectacular sunrise in the morning and can descend after a two hour trek. The night trek, it would be best if the group gets to have a trek guide through the trek. Apart from the permits that the trekkers will need the travel companies to rely on, the facilities to camp out for the night or other trekking arrangements would not interrupt the trekkers experience on the trek. 

Kaurava Kunda

Kaurava Kunda is located about 75 Kilometers from Bangalore and is at an altitude of 820 ft. As scenic as the Chikkaballapur already is, the night trek shows lights from the town scatters across making it one of the most beautiful views. At sunrise the trekker also gets the glimpse of the lovely town. The trek is one of the perfect weekend getaways that practically works for a beginner trekker.

Ranganathaswamy Betta

Ranganathaswamy Betta is also one of the highest in along the Kanakapura ranges. Ranganathaswamy hill trek is a moderately difficult level trek that scales up to a 3780 ft.

The hills is just 60 Kilometers away from Bangalore. This is one of the most ideal trekking spots for a quick weekend trek. The 10 Kilometer trek leads through a great trail up the hill. During the ascend once gets to spot great greenery and view points too. The trail makes for a perfect night trek.


The hill has a height of 3930 ft and provides for a very good adventurous climb to the top, making it one of the top destinations for trekking near Bangalore between 100 - 200 Kms. There are two large ancient temples located in Madhugiri, Venkatramana and Malleswara which stand side by side, facing towards east. The infrastructure of the two temples is built in the Dravidian style of architecture with lofty towers. Madhugiri is an ideal destination for your weekend getaway as it offers aesthetic pleasure as well as taste of adventure as well.

The adventure wrapped trek also makes for a perfect night trek near Bangalore.


Skandagiri is one of the oldest hill fortresses, at an altitude of 4430 ft. The 3 Kilometer trek is perfect for birdwatching and also for a night trek. Skandagiri is also called as Kalavara Durga. During the trek, the trekkers get to explore 2 caves. Sunrise from on top of the hill is one of the perfect views and the trek is a moderate level difficulty trek.

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